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Christy's POV

I woke up with a start as my alarm clock buzzed annoyingly. Slapping my hand on the snooze button with one hand while rubbing at my gritty eyes with the other, I rolled to a sitting position, but stopped abruptly as my vision blurred and a wave of nausea overwhelmed me.

My crying binge last night had definitely taken its toll on me.

Reaching over I turned off my alarm before it had the chance to go off again, and glanced over at Leslie who was sleeping peacefully in her bed. God I envied how peaceful she was, as I was a huge ball of nerves that were ready to burst at any moment.

Climbing out of bed, I dragged my feet to my closet and pulled on a worn hoodie over my tank top and grabbed a raggedy pair of sweatpants and stepped into them, before cramming my feet in an old pair of running shoes.

Heading to the bathroom I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair into a messy topknot, studiously avoiding my reflection in the mirror.

I knew what it would reveal; a too pale face, red rimmed and puffy eyes all accompanied by a swollen red nose. If I just added red lipstick I could surely pass as a clown which would be impressive given the lack of makeup.

Basically, I knew I looked like hell and didn't care.

Rolling my shoulders to try to relieve some tension I left the bathroom and grabbed my books on my way out of the room.

It was time to face not only Professor Garrett, but Ryan as well.

I couldn't help from cringing at the thought of not only having to face them both, but having to do it at the same time and for over an hour at that.

Before I knew it I was in front of the classroom staring blankly at the door. I could just skip right...? I mean, this was college so it's not like someone was going to rat me out to my mom and dad. Hell, skipping was almost a requirement to be a college student.

Mentally growling at my cowardice I stiffened my spine and raised my head high attempting to make myself appear more confident and carefree than I was, while inside I was trembling like a heroin junkie waiting for their next fix while suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Gripping the handle of the door, I opened it and made my way in looking straight ahead and acknowledging no one.

As I arrived at my desk I felt my heart pang sharply when I realized that Ryan wasn't in his normal seat. Glancing around quickly I spotted him towards the back scowling as his eyes flickered between myself and someone else.

Following his gaze as it shifted away from me I saw that it was directed at Professor Garrett which was no great shock, really.

What was shocking was Professor Garrett's appearance.

The cool, calm and collected professor was replaced by what appeared to be a hung over bum. His usually stylish hair was sticking up in tufts going every which way, his eyes were blood shot making his normally vivid blue eyes appear lackluster and fatigued, his religiously shaved face was scruffy and his clothes were wrinkled and, if I'm not mistaken, were the same as he was wearing yesterday.

But even with all of this he somehow made my heart rate pick up to a gallop, causing it to trip and stumble a few time in the process.

Suddenly I realized his eyes were on me, and that I had been staring for quite some time now. Ripping my gaze away from his, I firmly fixed my eyes on my desk and immediately took interest in my textbook as I fought down a blush that wanted to take up residency upon my face.

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