^^^^So since I dedicated the last two chapters to amazing poets I figured I may as well do it on this one too. This is to @JackkDaniels for his phenomenal poetry that always manages to astonish me with its intensity even after reading it several times. If you haven't read his work...well then why not?! His poems really are must reads so please check them out :) And if you read this Jack you are amazing and please don't feel obligated to read any further.

Christy's POV

"Are we there yet?"


"Oh....how bout now?"

"Leslie I swear to God if you ask one more time I will leave you on the side of the road for any random hillbilly to pick up!" Ryan shouted, clenching his teeth as his fingers turned white from the force he was using to grip the steering wheel.

"No need to be a dick about it," Leslie mumbled crossing her arms and pouting petulantly.

This is what I had been dealing with for two hours now and I was ready to choke them both out with their seatbelts.

Plus they were still refusing to tell me where we were going, which didn't help my mood at all.

I hated surprises... No hate isn't a strong enough word for how much I absolutely, completely from the bottom of my heart loathe surprises.

In my mind, no surprise was a good surprise. It's probably because I have the patience of a level of someone with OCD stuck in a house with a hoarder... Huh, wonder what that would be like? Who would dominate the obsessive compulsive or the hoarder? Or would it be a draw...?

Okay so its official, I'm losing my mind. Who in their right mind would think of things like that? I've got issues. Maybe if I sleep some more I'll be less mentally unstable soon....

"Wake me up when we get there guys," I grumbled before leaning my head back fully intent upon dozing off for the remainder of this never ending ride with my two crabby best friends. What an awesome birthday.

"Oh no you don't! Stay awake. We'll be there in about ten minutes according to the directions I was given," Ryan demanded while poking me in the side making me even grumpier - if that were possible.

"Ten minutes? Ryan we're in the middle of freaking nowhere and I'm pretty sure this place is dominated by hillbillies and the Amish. It's like we're asking to be the next victims of some freak cannibals! Have you seen 'The Hills Have Eyes'? I'm pretty sure it looked a lot like this!" I exaggerated pointing out our surroundings like I was Vanna White on 'The Wheel of Fortune'. Glamorous, I know...

"You do know that was a movie right? As in, fictional...?" Ryan queried, looking at me like I had magically grown another head and sprouted a couple sets of rainbow swirled horns while sporting a bedazzled sweater vest.

"I know that, but it doesn't mean it couldn't happen," I insisted a bit lamely before joining Leslie in her pouting session. I heard Ryan snickering and shot him my best death glare before poking my tongue out at him.

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