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Christy’s POV

Flying through the halls, I could feel my heart beating into overdrive between my mad dash and all the emotions that were raging through me.

Guilt for always assuming, and never listening.

Desperation to find him, and to make him accept my apology.

Annoyance with myself that I had to apologize in the first place, and a bit of annoyance with him as well, since it was all his fault to begin with.

If he hadn’t been such an indecisive prick, then we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

Slowing to a stop, I bent slightly to rest my hands on my knees as my head began to spin. Squeezing my eyes shut I waited for the world to stop spinning and for my stomach to stop churning.

Running after smashing my head off the ground probably wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had.  Taking deep, calming breaths I gradually straightened my body, making sure to keep my breathing even.

One long breath in through the nose, release through the mouth, and repeat.

When I finally felt as though I wouldn’t either pass out or hurl all over the lovely checkered tiles, I opened my eyes.

Immediately I wished I hadn’t.

Standing before me was Scott in all his douchebag glory.

I watched as a slow smile spread across his face and his eyes turned cold, and felt a shiver of apprehension course through me.

Glancing around I tried to find an escape, because with the way I was feeling, there was no way I could take him on if he decided to make some sort of move on me.

Scoping out my options, I noted a whole lot of closed doors and a stairwell located directly behind him.

I was screwed.

Edging my way closer to the door nearest me, I kept my eyes locked on his the entire time. I watched as his eyes narrowed as he took in my movement and obviously disapproved of it.

“Christy, Christy, Christy…” he trailed off for a moment, “haven’t we gone beyond the point of you running from me yet? I thought maybe with some time and distance you would reflect back on what we had. How great we used to be together. It was you and me, babe. Just us, and we were unstoppable. Don’t you want that again? The feeling of being that perfect couple that others envied?” He queried, raising a brow and looking at me earnestly, as if he believed all the shit he was spouting wholeheartedly.

I continued to inch my way towards the door next to me, praying that it was unlocked and unoccupied, and barely able to suppress the snort that wanted to make its way out of me as I took in what he had said. The only two things stopping me from letting it out were the pounding of my head, and the uncertainty of how far I could push him in my condition before he pushed back.

How the hell had I ever been dumb enough to hook up with this asshole?

Just as my hand brushed the door handle he made his move.

Launching himself at me, I frantically turned the handle and felt defeat fill my chest and squeeze my lungs until my breathing became labored and harsh.

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