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Soooo....quick warning that the beginning of this chapter isn't all sunshine and rainbows...there's a bit of violence and such...so you have been warned. Hopefully you'll still like it though... this'll make more sense when you get there. :)

James' POV

I was in heaven as she ground her hips against me. A shudder racked through my body and I had never wanted someone more than her at this moment. Moaning in appreciation of all she was doing I felt her lips tilt into a smile against mine and wanted nothing more than for this to never end. To keep that smile on her face, to be the only person to ever give her pleasure, the only person to ever touch her again.

Suddenly I heard my ring tone "Lollipop" fill the air and mentally groaned in frustration. Knowing I had to answer this call was killing me as I began to lower her body and regretfully separate my lips from hers making a sexy little whimper escape from her.

Counting slowly in my head to ten, it took all my willpower to pull one of my hands away from her tight little ass that I was seriously having some illicit fantasies about right now. It just felt so good in my hands. Like it was made for my hands, and mine alone.

I watched as she open her eyes and blinked in confusion, all the while reaching into my back pocket and pulling out my phone as it started playing again. I felt like the biggest asshole ever. I watched as her eyes flickered to my caller ID, which I knew read Clarissa, before sliding my thumb across the bottom to answer and uttering a soothing "Hello."

I saw as her eyes went cold and flat and I wanted to explain the situation but I had to take this call. It wasn't a choice it was an obligation, a responsibility that I couldn't ignore no matter how much I may have wanted to right now.

I felt her rip herself away from me and pull my hand off of her ass right before she leaned up and snarled in my face, "Touch me again and it'll be the last thing you EVER do," and then she was turning and stomping away from me leaving me feeling cold and empty, an all too familiar feeling.

Leaning back against the wall that had previously helped me support Christy's body, I thumped my head against it and closed my eyes rubbing the bridge of my nose with my free hand.

"Hi James, I miss you! Do you miss me too?" Clarissa chirped in my ear brightly causing a smile to stretch across my lips even in my current frustrated state.

"Of course I miss you honey, how could I not?" I responded in my standard reply causing her to giggle as usual in her permanent childish way. As always it made me smile even as I felt my heart clench in my chest so tight it was almost painful.

It was a pain I deserved to feel for the rest of my life though.

It was the pain of not being able to stop what had happened to her that caused her to be this way.

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