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Christy’s POV

I stared at the screen blankly. What I had written so far for my assignment in Creative Writing laid out before me in a pathetic attempt at a short story.

My mind wouldn’t clear of what had happened earlier; of walking away from him without even trying to listen. And because of it all I could write was depressing dribble.

I needed to talk to him.

Sighing, I pushed away from my desk and away from the words I had written that held so much truth. Away from the words that were messing with my mind and further confusing me. But I couldn’t seem to stay away as my eyes scanned over them yet again.

Defeated…she was so defeated; miserable without his company.

She watched as the seconds ticked by… Dragged by. The minute hand seemed to be stuck in time, never moving. The days were never ending, cruelly taunting her as she impatiently waited for him to come back.

For this argument to end.

It had been days since they had spoken and it would potentially be days before they would speak again.

Seconds had become the enemy, minutes the foe, hours the antagonist and days the nemesis.

And they all led back to him.

Her thoughts surrounded him.

It couldn’t be healthy to think of one person so much. It couldn’t be normal to become so attached to someone in such a short amount of time.

Somehow a simple smile from him had become the highlight of her day though. He made her not so desirable life tolerable.


‘Wow, that’s not depressing at all….,’ I thought sardonically.

Shaking my head at myself, I slammed my laptop shut, not even caring whether it saved or not. I needed to get out of here. Away from the pressure that was building inside of me just knowing that he was next door and still out of my reach.

Grabbing my keys and phone I mentally ran through all the possible places I could go by myself without feeling like a complete loser waste of space.

Sadly the options were pretty limited.

I could hang out in the lounge, head to the mall, or take a walk… All while trying not to look like a loner.

When did my life become so sad?

I used to have tons of friends… I think…

Okay, so maybe they were more acquaintances than friends. That still counts though, right?

Screw this.

Who cares what they were? At least they were someone I could go to if I needed to get away.

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