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Christy’s POV

Waking from a candy induced coma, I realized that I was yet again snuggled up to Ryan who was still fast asleep.  Taking the chance to study him without him being aware, and taking the chance on getting caught acting like a total creeper, I leaned up on my elbow and took in his long dark lashes, smooth complexion, full lips and messy bed head hair.

There was no denying my bestie was a total hottie.

Flipping back down on the bed, I attempted to get comfortable and fall asleep again, but it was difficult as my brain wouldn’t shut the hell up.  It kept replaying these last few weeks over and over, like a broken record and just wouldn’t allow me the peace I so desperately sought. 

More specifically though, it wouldn’t let me forget a certain kiss from a certain professor whose only true talents seemed to be pissing me off… And kissing the life out of me…

That kiss…It was mind blowingly, indisputably, hands down the BEST kiss I have ever had.  This sad fact was slowly killing me inside.

How could I love kissing someone I despised so much?  It made absolutely no sense.  Not to mention he obviously was a total player-manwhore who had about as much feeling for me as I had for him.

Wiggling around some more, I felt Ryan’s muscles flex in his arm that was wrapped around my waist.

“Stop moving,” He mumbled groggily. Pulling me in closer and nuzzling his face in my hair making me shiver slightly.  Bad Christy! There would be no pleasurable shivering when it comes to Ryan!

“Sorry,” I whispered back before letting out a sigh of frustration.  What on earth was my problem?  I was just having naughty thoughts about my professor whom I didn’t even like, now I’m shivering over my best friend innocently nuzzling me.

Was I becoming a whore?! Shit! ‘No, not a whore,’ I reassured myself.  I was just a stupid hormonal teenager who possibly needed to get laid.

My first time had been with Scott, which I truly regretted now, but at the time I thought we were in love and willingly gave him my innocence.  Guess he decided since I gave him that so freely that it was okay to take my trust and run with it as well.  ‘Asshole,’ I mentally mumbled and scowled.

Trying frantically once again to shut my stupid thoughts up, I slammed my eyes shut and focused entirely on Ryan’s breathing.  In, out.  In, out…. For some reason this totally didn’t help my dirty thoughts… ‘Wonder why?’ I thought sarcastically.

Deciding it was time to take me and my dirty mind back to my own room, I slowly inched myself away from Ryan’s warm body only to be yanked back yet again.

“Would you hold still damn it? I was comfy,” He moaned.  Yeah, that didn’t help either.

“Ryan, let go.  I have to get back to my room,” I mumbled.

“Why? Just stay here. It’s almost morning anyways,” he responded irritating me that he could make that much sense while half asleep.

“Fine, I’ll stay!  But don’t bitch if you can’t get any more sleep,” I grumbled crankily. 

“Just relax and go back to sleep,” he cooed as he began to run his fingers through my hair gently working out the tangles.

Sighing heavily and luxuriating in the bliss of this moment, I finally felt my thoughts drift away and sleep reclaim me.

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