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Christy’s POV


My head was pounding and I was having a really hard time trying to figure out why I was so damn cold and why my bed felt like concrete. Cracking my eyes open I squinted against the bright light that was for some reason filtering down upon me and took in my surroundings.

The view consisted of a whole lot of trees…

Suddenly the night before came rushing back and the memory of why I was out here lost to begin with.


It was all because of James.

Pushing myself up to a sitting position I held still for a moment at the head rush I got that kicked the pounding in my head up another notch. Reaching up I felt around my head where the pain seemed to be radiating from and felt a rather large bulge protruding from my forehead.

That was gonna look attractive. I could just envision the multitude of colors that were conglomerating around it like my own personal rainbow.

Fuck rainbows.

Scowling, I stood up wavering slightly, likely looking like a homeless drunk with my dirt covered clothes, filthy hair that I could feel twigs in when I passed my hands through it and my incredibly unsteady gait.

‘I was definitely someone to write home to mom about right now,’ I couldn’t help but think sardonically.

Turning in a wobbly circle, I tried to catch sight of something that didn’t consist of bark and leaves.

No such luck.

Seems I’ve had zero luck since I came to this place though, just a shit ton of drama. Perhaps transferring wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all…

Trudging my way in a random direction I tried to think of all the crap I had learned about moss over the years. Guess I should’ve paid better attention as I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything that was even remotely helpful. And this is also when I realized, outdoorsy I am not.

Note to self: take a crash course in survival skills.

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