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Christy's POV

I awoke with a start to an empty bed. I could smell his scent all around me, but the sheets were cold where his warm body had been. I couldn't stop the overwhelming sense of loss and despair. What did this mean? I was alone, confused and sore; and becoming increasingly angry.

He wouldn't just take off on me after last night...would he?

The uncertainty was making me feel edgy and vulnerable. Not a good combination for me.

Rolling to my side, I cracked my eyes open to take in my surroundings, only to almost have my eye poked out by a piece of paper on my pillow. My curiosity was piqued, but I was slightly apprehensive as well.

What if he was kindly thanking me for banging him, but just wasn't interested anymore? What if last night was just a pity lay? The 'what if's' were flowing through my mind at a rapid pace, until I was sure I'd lose my damn mind if I didn't shut it up.

Groaning, I reached up to grab the letter that was causing me all kinds of anxiety, bracing myself for the words that I was sure would only cause my stupid, traitorous heart to shatter.

Scanning the words quickly, I almost laughed out loud. Relief flowed through me as I read through it again. Humor and embarrassment were fighting for dominance, until humor won out and I threw my head back and laughed.

To the hot piece of ass in my bed,

Hated to leave you, as your body looked absolutely edible (and felt even better), but unfortunately I have a class to teach. Actually, I believe you're supposed to be in it... But since I'm the professor, I suppose I can let you by with an excused absence. Rest up, Beautiful. I'll see you soon.


                                                James (AKA Your Sex God)

Smiling, I set the note aside and relaxed back into the bed. I inhaled deep, appreciating the sense of security I felt cocooned within his blankets, wrapped in his scent.

Closing my eyes I evaluated my now typical reaction to pretty much everything James did. Like, no matter what, I felt the need to question him. To think the absolute worst no matter the situation. Immediately jumping to conclusions before knowing all of the facts.

Logically, I knew my reaction upon awakening had been yet another overreaction. I also knew that I obviously need to work on my knee jerk reactions a bit more before I ended up chasing James away by acting like a psychotic bitch.

New life goal: Lose the crazy.

I'm not entirely sure when I became this way. I don't think I was always this way. The last several months had taken a toll on me.

My mind retraced past events. Scott turned up over and over again. He wasn't only stalking me physically, he was stalking me mentally and emotionally. The fucker.

I realized I couldn't place all of the blame on him though. There was obviously a flaw within me that allowed his past transgressions to mess me up so bad.

I briefly wondered if there might be a 12 step program for people whose minds are fucked. I feel like that should be a thing. The first step could still be admitting there's a problem.

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