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Christy’s POV

As soon as those words left my mouth I wanted to smack myself.  Why on earth had I said that?!  Like I care what his reasons were! He was obviously nailing the whore, which last I checked was against regulations.  What excuse could this tool possibly have that I would give two shits about? 

As it stood I had some massive ammunition to use against him, and here I was possibly throwing it away most likely for some half assed, desperate attempt for him to sway me to his way of thinking. 

Focusing my attention back on him I crossed my arms and arched my eyebrow at him. “Tick, tick, tick.  I’m still waiting for this mind blowing explanation of yours.”

Passing a hand wearily over his face, his shoulders slumped as he gazed back at me.  Why on earth did his eyes have to be so damn blue?  I was such a sucker for blue eyes…

Mentally smacking myself out of my wayward thoughts I refocused yet again.

“I don’t really know how to start. This is all so screwed up.  This was never supposed to happen,” He rambled on while pacing back and forth in the cramped quarters of my room.  Four steps right. Stop and turn. Four steps left. Stop and turn. Back and forth until I thought I was going to get whiplash. 

Steadily losing my patience I finally snapped. “Will you just get on with it! And stop your damn pacing, you're making me dizzy! Sit!” I shouted causing him to jump slightly in surprise. I pointed at my desk chair and narrowed my eyes dangerously, “Now.”

His eyes widened as he slowly backed away in the direction I was pointing, stopping when his knees hit the edge of the chair and plopping back into it.  Placing his elbows on his knees he stared pointedly at the floor.

Right as I was about to tell him to either speak or get the fuck out he opened his mouth.

“I was at a friend’s party over the summer and there was this girl there.  We hit it off and…well one thing led to another,” he paused glancing up at me.  Sighing he rubbed a hand over his face.  “We continued to meet up for a while after.  It was nothing serious, just a kind of friends with benefits type of thing.  She told me she was 22 and I had no reason to doubt her.  Imagine my surprise when she walked into my classroom as a freshman when she had told me she had already graduated college and in marketing,” Pausing again, he reached up and gripped his hair in his hands, head bowed down.

Oddly I was starting to feel something, almost sympathy but not quite.  I guess it was more like empathy as the lying whore had screwed my life up too.

“So how did you go from realizing she was your student to screwing her brains out, which may I add was very disturbing,” I shuddered and massaged the bridge of my nose.  I could feel a massive headache brewing right behind my eyes.

Chuckling slightly at me I narrowed my eyes.  Coughing slightly as though trying to cover up his amusement he continued.  “That was a mistake, and I promise it will never happen again,” He gazed at me with a determination shining in his eyes.

“That’s it?  That’s your amazing explanation? I can understand the summer, she wasn’t your student and yes she lied, but you still continued on after knowing she was now your student.  How exactly is this supposed to make me care?  You’re an adult, you knew the consequences,” I stated giving him my best duh expression. 

I watched in amusement as his face slowly heated up, and he shifted in his seat in discomfort.  Clearing his throat he mumbled something I didn’t quite catch.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” I asked in confusion.

Lifting his gaze back up to mine he met my eyes and said, “She showed up at my door,” clearing his throat he continued, “Naked.”

My mouth dropped and I scrunched my eyes up in disgust at the mental image that brought on.  Dear lord my mind may never be pure again.

“Let me get this straight,” I began slowly. “She showed up naked and you were just like, ‘Hmmm, guess I’ll just do her since she’s willing.’  Yeah, that was smart.  You’re just brilliant aren’t you, pervert,” I goaded, rolling my eyes at the dumbass.

“I am not a pervert!  She all but threw herself at me! What the hell was I supposed to do, huh? I’m a man, I have needs and sometimes they get in the way of my better judgment! What? I should just be tried and hung over one mistake? It’s not like it will happen again. I’ve already told her to back off and that it’s over,” He ranted.

Faking an enormous yawn and stretching lazily I looked at him dismissively, “That’s nice and all, but,” I shrugged, “Too little too late, and all that.” I waved my hand at him as if to send him on his way, “You may leave now.  For the moment I’ll think about keeping your secret, but no promises…”  Grinning evilly, I opened my door and looked at him expectantly, “Try to keep it in your pants whore, now get the hell out.”

Scowling at me he walked towards the door stopping inches away from me.  “If you tell, I will take you down with me.  Someway, somehow you will go down too,” Reaching up he caressed my face.  “I’ll make sure of it.” 

With that he strutted out my door without a backwards glance, leaving my mind racing in astonishment.  What could he possibly think he could get on me? What was that bastard planning?

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