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Christy POV

Leaning forward completely enthralled I watched wide eyed and unblinking as the man began stabbing the infected people lying on the gurneys with a pitchfork. Biting my nails, I nervously waited to see what would happen as he slowly made his way towards the sheriff’s wife, while blindly reaching for more extra buttery popcorn goodness, when suddenly I felt something vibrate against me making me jump almost completely out of my skin. 

Clutching frantically at my chest, I tried to stop my heart from rocketing through it onto the pretty waxed hardwood floor, all the while James was next to me laughing hysterically at my not so awesome moment.

Scowling at him I reached down and grabbed my phone, otherwise known as the object of my current embarrassment.

Looking down at the screen I saw a new text from Leslie asking me where the hell I was and reminding me I had forgotten to call her like I had promised I would in the note I left for her. 

I was such a shit friend sometimes.

Texting back real quick I told her that I was gone for the weekend and would explain everything tomorrow when I came back and hit the power button not wanting to be interrogated by her at the moment.

Next to me James was still chuckling to himself. 

Ignoring him, I grabbed my Pepsi and took a long swallow and focused my attention back to the movie we were currently watching.

I couldn’t understand why it had taken me so long to watch “The Crazies,” since so far it was pretty freaking epic. 

Staring determinedly at the screen I failed to notice James creeping closer until I felt his thigh lightly touch mine and his shoulder brush against my shoulder.

The tension seemed to drain out of me as his warmth invaded my being and had me relaxing against him. Feeling a bit drowsy I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed as his arm wrapped around me. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this content to just sit with someone.

Yeah there was Ryan, but it wasn’t the same. With him I felt comfortable but it never carried any of the sweet undertones or the slight jittery feeling in my stomach.

As he began playing with tendrils of my hair and massage my scalp I moaned lightly in the back of my throat. I was such a sucker for someone playing with my hair.

“You aren’t mad that I laughed are you? It was just really cute…I’m sorry…” He whispered lowly into my ear making me shudder as his breath blew across my overly sensitized skin.

Words were beyond me as I looked over into his liquid blue eyes and saw how soft they were while directed at me.  How could this man go from being someone I used to despise, to someone I treasured in mere weeks of knowing him?

As if reading my thoughts his eyes turned somber and his face fell slightly.

“I want to apologize for how I acted before. You didn’t deserve all the crap I gave you at the beginning…” He trailed off and shifted his gaze to the floor. “I haven’t had the best life and apparently it’s caused me to build up some barriers, to become a cocky asshole who acts as though he’s not affected by things.  A womanizer who never seems to find satisfaction,” Looking at me earnestly he continued. “But it’s not like that with you.  You make me feel..” Gripping his hair he seemed to stumble looking for the right word, “...Whole.” He finished making my heart expand and soar.

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