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Christy’s POV

Tightening my grip on Ryan’s hand to the point that I saw him flinch, I quickly dragged him along with me to our seats.  Luckily I had his hand in a death grip as it was difficult to observe my surroundings when I couldn’t bring myself to look up in fear of catching Professor Garrett’s eye again. 

Shuddering I couldn’t help but think who else but me would have the misfortune of hearing their teacher boink someone?  Life was so unfair.  Lost in thought, I felt Ryan jerk on my hand bringing me to an abrupt halt.  Jerking my head up in surprise, I caught the reason for the sudden halt.  I had almost face planted straight into Professor Garrett’s chest.

Oh the joys of being me.

“Is there a reason you’ve walked in late to my class?” Professor Garrett asked raising his eyebrow slightly.

I couldn’t help but randomly think, ‘Well you see it’s a funny story there James, may I call you James? I just feel so close to you after sharing in your escapade this morning. You see I was lost in the rapture that is sleep when suddenly I was awakened to what I thought could potentially be an earthquake, but seems it was just you screwing the brains out of some bimbo.  Excuse me if I had a hard time sleeping after that disturbing experience.’

Seeing as how I could barely make eye contact though, I refrained and bit down on my tongue hard enough to draw blood.  Slamming my eyes shut tight I mumbled, “Sorry sir, overslept.”  Then opening my eyes and quickly reverting my gaze back to the floor I sped off to my seat with Ryan like a bat out of hell.  I could hear Ryan chuckling at the situation and reached over with my free hand and gave him a good pinch.  Teach him to laugh at my misery.

I spent the remainder of the class staring at my desk blankly, wishing it was over, yet it continued to drag.  I didn’t acknowledge anyone, I was too afraid to look up and accidentally see Professor Garrett. 

I knew I was being immature and irrational about this, but I just couldn’t seem to get past it.  Every now and then I could feel Ryan’s gaze burning into the side of my head but studiously continued my perusal of my desk.  I lightly traced the random carvings and counted how many different shades of brown were entwined in the crappy grain work.  I stared at that damn desk for an hour as though it were the most interesting thing ever created.

I was losing my damn mind, and it was all that damn teacher's fault.  Suddenly angry at him and my cowardly demeanor, my head shot up of its own accord, and my eyes narrowed in a death glare and searched for their target.  Once they zeroed in on it, I continued my glare for the remaining 15 minutes of class. 

Professor Garrett glanced my way several times with a puzzled expression and shifted uncomfortably, but I didn’t care.  Let him be uncomfortable. Nothing was going to stop me until I completed my mission; glaring a hole through that fat, overinflated head of his.

It was amazing how fast time flew when I had such an entertaining mission.  The next thing I knew everyone was packing up their things and making their way out.  I vaguely noticed a few hookers hanging around in hopes of gaining the professors attention and threw up a little in my mouth.  I’m sure he’d be open to their interest judging by this morning.  Pervert.

I quickly stood up and looked around for the first time noticing that Ryan had already left.  Panicking slightly by this realization I grabbed my things while swearing revenge on him.  How could he just leave me here?  I’d so have his ass later.  The douche probably thought this was funny.  Jerk.

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