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Christy’s POV

The entire trip back to campus consisted of Ryan and Leslie bickering like an old married couple while I tried to drown them out with my headphones… Epic fail.

Mentally I removed future road trip with my best friends from my things to do list, and as soon as the car had started to roll to a stop I jumped out as if my life depended on it, more than willing to risk a broken bone…or several.

If it meant getting away from them then I’d gladly walk like a gimp for the rest of my life if I broke a leg. Never again would I allow myself to go through that.

Warily I began to make my way to my room only to hear Leslie shout after me, “Christy! Come back here! We’re not done! It’s still your birthday!” Which only caused me to increase my pace to a full out run.

I loved my friends to death, but I’d had more than enough of their company for one day…and night…and possibly an entire lifetime… Recalling the last few hours made me grimace and want to smash my head against something repeatedly in frustration. How could two people I loved to death be so goddamn annoying?

When I could no longer hear Leslie’s shouts I risked a peek over my shoulder to see her and Ryan making their way across campus in the opposite direction.

Relief poured through me as I continued on my way to the dorms.  I wasn’t sure how I had gotten lucky enough for them to actually leave me alone, but I wasn’t about to question it by any means either.

Just the thought of my bed was enough to make me want to fall to my knees and worship it.

Don’t get me wrong, the day had been amazing…all except the car rides to and from zorbing… That had just been hell…pure hell.

Pulling my phone out of my hoodie I frowned as I realized my parent’s hadn’t called me yet.  That was strange. I never thought they’d miss my birthday. 

Pouting slightly I trudged up the stairs to my dorm and made my way to my room, not bothering to look up. Moping for me was serious business.

As I closed in on my room I noticed a couple pairs of shoes in my line of vision.  Feeling my heart rate accelerate in excitement I looked up and screeched as I saw my parents standing in front of my door complete with gifts and a cake.

Bouncing over to them I pulled them in to a massive hug, ecstatic to have them with me on my birthday. 

Pulling back slightly I wondered aloud, “When did you get here and why didn’t you tell me you were coming?!”

“We thought we’d surprise our favorite daughter on her birthday,” my dad exclaimed with a huge grin on his handsome face. His green eyes were sparkling and his dark brown hair was slightly ruffled as though he had been passing his hand through it impatiently.

“Sorry we didn’t call you honey, but we wanted you to enjoy your trip with Ryan and Leslie today. How was it? Did you have fun?” My mom rambled on drawing my attention to her. Her blue eyes sparkled excitedly while she shifted the bag holding my presents to her other hand. I noted her red hair was styled perfectly as usual and was slightly envious that my hair never looked quite that good.

“Here, let me take those!” I offered grabbing for my presents greedily and snatching the bag from her hand. “It was great by the way! Except those two idiots bickered the entire car ride,” I added scowling a bit as I remembered that detail once again.

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