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Christy’s POV


“Miss Evans,” Professor Garrett addressed me with a smirk planted on his face, making me want to slap it off. “That was very interesting.  I’d love to know more about your group of intergalactic beings, planet, and allergies.  Why don’t you write, let’s say a five page essay on that for me by the end of the week.  It seems as though it could be very informative.”

I let out a strangled screech, and stared him down with my best death glare.  Sadly he seemed immune, and kept smirking. 

“And if I refuse?” I managed to choke out through my rage.

“Then I’m afraid I’ll have to give you an F on it, and that would surely hurt your overall grade.”

I could tell he was really enjoying this; enjoying his power over me, his dominance and I wanted to claw his face off.  I’ve never really been a violent person until recently.  I’ve always believed that it solves nothing until I felt how good it was to hit Scott, the lying, cheating arsehole.

 I’m beginning to become a bit concerned over my blood lust lately, but I shrugged it off reasoning that both Scott and Professor Garrett more than deserve it.

My muscles began to tense as I readied myself to pounce, only to have Ryan throw his arm out in front of me, blocking me in as if he was anticipating my move.  Glowering at him I took in his ‘have you lost your freaking mind look’ and felt a tiny ounce of sanity return to me, just enough for me to realize that this would be really bad.

 Grudgingly I backed down and gave a stiff nod of acknowledgment to Professor Garrett, pissed off at having to submit to him in any way, only to have him wink at me.  He can’t be serious right now; it was like he wanted me to go ape shit on his ass, like he was just begging for it…

“Alright class, I think that’s enough for today,” Garrett said while clapping his hands together to draw the class’s attention back to him, as if it had ever left him.  “We’ll meet back here on Wednesday and begin out short story unit,” He explained, dismissing us.

I was almost out of enemy territory, and back on neutral grounds, when I heard his voice call me back.  Stiffening, I turned back and gave him a blank stare.

“Miss Evans, I hope we can avoid such punishments in the future.  I can’t have you acting out the way you did today.  I won’t have anyone questioning my authority,” He explained, exaggerating as if he were teaching manners to a three year old.

Turning back around without acknowledging him, I stomped out, seething.  I swore I heard a deep chuckle emanating from the classroom as I exited, and willed myself to just ignore him and keep going.

*                *                      *                      *                      *                      *

The day passed agonizingly drawn out, and I couldn’t help myself from staring at the clock during every class, watching as the clock ticked by, mercilessly slow. 

When my final lesson ended I couldn’t help the complete and utter relief that swept through my body as I grabbed my stuff and ran for my dorm.

As I drew out the key for my door, I wondered vaguely if Leslie would be there yet.  I’m not sure how we got lucky enough to be able to dorm together, but I wasn’t complaining.

I hadn’t seen her all day, and knew she would be able to cheer me up, even if it was just because of some stupid, random blonde moment. 

Opening the door I stepped in and was slightly disappointed to find the room empty.  Deciding to shower, hoping it would wash away the after effects of a shitty day, I walked into our adjoining bathroom and cranked on the water as hot as I could stand it.  Stripping down I climbed in and let the spray relax my tensed muscles. 

Randomly, I thought about how grateful I was that we had our own bathrooms in our rooms instead of having to share with the entire floor.  It was probably because it was a co-ed dorm, which was kind of cool.  It meant that Ryan was close by, and I wouldn’t have to trudge all the way to another building just to see him.  Instead, he was just a few doors down.

As I shut off the shower and stepped out, I wrapped a towel around my body and reached out to wipe the steam off of the mirror.  Just as I was about to make contact there was a knock at the door.

Rolling my eyes I walked out of the bathroom to answer, chuckling because it was probably Leslie.  Most likely she forgot her key like everything else.

Opening the door, fully prepared to make a wise ass comment to her, I stopped dead in my tracks, mouth hanging wide open.

“Miss Evans, I know you find me attractive, but please cover yourself.  This is just embarrassing.”

Rubbing at my eyes, hoping I was just having one hell of a hallucination, I peeked through my fingers and almost cried out in frustration.

“Professor Garrett, are you stalking me?”

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