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Christy’s POV

Turning away from the two people I had happily pissed off, I sauntered out the door, giggling like a loon in my head. 

Who’d of thought that hoe bag would have given me the perfect ammunition for payback? It would be like killing two very annoying, whorish birds at once.  A smile lit my face as I skipped down the now deserted hallway.  Humming under my breath thinking that the world was indeed a very bright and beautiful place I didn’t notice the figure leaning against the wall until it was too late.

“Hey beautiful, I’ve been waiting for you,” Scott beamed as though everything was just peachy between us.  Was this guy for real?  Rolling my eyes, now walking at a brisk pace I kept going staring straight ahead in hopes he might be bright enough to take a not so subtle hint.  No such luck.

I felt a hand latch onto my wrist right before I was harshly spun around.  Tugging against his ironclad grip I looked up and caught the anger flashing through his eyes.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me,” He growled lowly causing me to break out in a light sweat at the frosty look on his face.

How did I date this guy for so many months and not realize what a complete sociopath he really was?

“Scott, I don’t know what the hell it is you think you’re doing but you need to let go of me. Right now.” I hissed at him as my anger at the situation overcame my fear and overrode my common sense.

It was like a switch flipped in his mind as he tightened his grip even more causing me to flinch in pain and surprise.  Before I knew it he was dragging me along the empty corridor and pushing through a door into an empty room. 

Turning back to face me he smiled a cold calculating smile. “You will not speak that way to me again, do you understand me?”  He continued to gaze at me as though I were beneath him, as though he was sure that I would comply with him.

Did this boy not know me at all?

Gazing demurely at him through lowered lashes I inched closer allowing him to think that I was cowered by his act of dominance.  Chuckling in my head I reached my hand up as though to caress his face, and bitch slapped him hard enough to make my hand smart. 

As he widened his eyes in shock and stumbled back slightly, I wrenched my arm away from him, gripped his shoulders and introduced my knee to his balls all the while hoping it was hard enough to send his balls up through his nose causing him to asphyxiate on them.

I heard him let out a low mewling sound as he clutched his not so impressive man parts and dropped to the floor.  I watched in satisfaction as tears involuntarily brightened his eyes and began to course down his cheeks. 

Letting out a satisfied sigh of triumph I mentally congratulated myself while shaking out my still stinging hand.

Smirking down at him I walked closer and placed my face millimeters from his. I gave him my best condescending look and told him in my fakest sugar coated voice, “Touch me again and I will make it so you will have to have surgery in order to remove your balls from your throat.  Understood?” I asked raising my eyebrow mockingly.

Glaring back at me through a trail of tears he gasped out, “This isn’t over.”

Chuckling softly under my breath I looked at him like the disgusting specimen he was before responding snidely, “Oh, but I think it is.”

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