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Christy’s POV

“What am I doing here?! What are you doing here?!” Ryan all but growled, making me flinch at his hard tone. 

Turning around to face him I opened my mouth to say something that would make this all better, but instead my jaw just flapped open making me look like a gaping fish.

Taking a slight step back I felt a touch on my shoulder and looked back to see Professor Garrett standing behind me… Protectively?

Confusion was clearly written across my face as he gave my shoulder a little squeeze and somehow managed to bolster my courage with that one small gesture. Giving him a grateful smile, I looked forward again.

Mentally counting to ten with my eyes closed I slowly opened them and was finally able to look Ryan in the eyes.

“I know this looks bad,” Wincing slightly over just how 'bad' it seemed, I made myself forge ahead, “But this was NOT planned at all.”

“You expect me to believe this was all just one huge coincidence? Do you really think I’m that dumb? That gullible?” His voice lowered even more making me shiver at the coldness that was emanating from it. “I’ve always been there for you, Christy. I’ve always done everything within my power to keep you safe, but this is just too much. I can’t stand by and watch my best friend ruin her life over someone who is clearly not good enough for her. Either you end this, or I’ll report it,” His beautiful grey eyes went flat as he gave me his ultimatum and made my heart thud brutally against my ribcage.

Gaping at him I couldn’t quite comprehend what he was saying… My best friend would report me? How could he do that to me?!

Narrowing my eyes I could feel indignation burning through me, raging like an inferno.  How dare he threaten me?!

I could understand him being a bit shocked by this, but to become such an asswad over it was just incomprehensible to me.

Opening my mouth to lay into him, I was beaten to the punch by Professor Garrett.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You would just threaten your best friend without even giving her an opportunity to explain herself? You would just write her off and ruin her life like that?”  He ground out, his grip on my shoulder tightened with each sentence making me wince slightly, though I refused to complain because for some reason he was actually sticking up for me… And it was nice…

“How about you mind your own business you fucking sick-ass pedophile loser?!” Ryan shouted back in retaliation.

I could feel Garrett’s fingers spasm slightly at the insult before his hand left me and he was standing in front of me, face to face with Ryan.  I wasn’t able to see his face and was almost grateful for that. I could only imagine just how cold his blue eyes could become… Or how intense.

“Listen here you little prick, NOTHING has happened and she will be legal next week, so how about you take your happy ass out of here and run along like a good little boy?” He asked in a patronizing voice.

“Make me,” Ryan challenged, looking like he was ready to throw a punch any time now. I watched as his fists clenched and contracted repeatedly.

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