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Christy's POV

"Christy! Are you ready to go?" Screamed my best friend Leslie. I sighed; I wasn't really up to partying tonight. My boyfriend Scott was out of town and I was a little depressed about it. We had been together for about six months and everything was really going great.

"I'll be right there!" I yelled back taking a last minute glance at my reflection in the mirror. Long wavy auburn hair pulled back on top with a barrette, green eyes with a bit of eyeliner and mascara to make them pop, straight but slightly upturned nose, full mouth with a bit of lip gloss, and skinny jeans with a green tank top hugging my curves. I had super cute black strap-py, open toed, high heeled sandals on that I just bought and am absolutely in love with. I have to say I was looking pretty good. Too bad Scott wasn't here to see...

I ran downstairs where Leslie was waiting, and noticed her sleek mane of blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, and tight black above the knee dress, topped off by too much make up, and rolled my eyes. She was funny, understanding, and the best friend ever, but she was also a bit desperate when it came to guys, and sometimes came across as a little slutty. I guess I'll have to keep an extra close eye on her tonight to make sure she doesn't drink too much and end up doing something stupid, which she is known for.

I've learned to get her drinks for her after she's had a few and "dilute" them, basically I dump out the original contents when she's not paying attention and fill the cup back up with a soft drink. So far she hasn't noticed, and still has fun.

We walked out to my blue 2011 Mustang convertible, and headed out. About 15 minutes later we pulled up to Michael Lorenzo's huge mansion (his family is super loaded), and found a spot to park which wasn't easy since I think most of the student body was there.

We got out of the car and walked up to the door, and made our grand entrance. My eyes were searching all around looking for other friends, hoping that maybe my other best friend Ryan would be here. He doesn't drink either, and we always have a blast making fun of all the drunken teenagers.

It was the only redeeming point to going to the parties, besides the music and dancing. The only reason we attended was because we were part of the "in" crowd, and it was expected. Leslie, I noticed had made her way to the drinks and was wrapped around some guy from school; I think his name was Toby. From what I knew of him he was a pretty good guy. so I continued my search for Ryan.

Vaguely I began to notice that my feet were aching, obviously my super cute new sandals needed to be broken in properly, oh well; I decided to just take them off. I was on the main floor, and still couldn't find Ryan so I started up the stairs to the second floor that I had just come across.

I bare footed it around a bunch of hormonal, groping teenagers and cautiously made my way up the stairs. I just got to the landing and made a right when I noticed a guy with short dark brown hair, and a nice build.

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