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Christy POV

Unfortunately for me the week seemed to fly by, bringing the due date of my five page essay closer and closer.

 I won’t lie, initially I was just going to say screw it and screw him, but then I started to think of all the fun I could have with it.  My evil mind kicked in, and I began to plot. 

He wanted five pages on my creative responses, so a) I had to come up with how I became the leader of a group of intergalactic beings set on destroying all conceited asses for the good of mankind, b) tell him about planet Screw You, and c) explain my allergy to bullshit.

 How could this not be fun?  I mean what could he possibly be expecting with those categories?

As I sat down and began to write my smirk grew wider.  I wasn’t expecting to receive an A on this assignment, far from it actually, and couldn’t care less.  It would be worth it just to see his reaction.

The essay was so convoluted with metaphors and randomness that he would have to read it several times if he wanted to even partially comprehend it.  This made me laugh slightly maniacally, making me pause briefly to assess my sanity.

Maybe I was losing my mind… If so, I blame it on Professor Garrett…and Scott.  That asstard wouldn’t leave me alone for anything.  He had taken it upon himself to find out what dorm room was mine and camped out on my doorstep each and every frigging morning trying to get me to let him walk me to my classes.

 I was about to blow a gasket.  I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to go well for him if he kept persisting in this.

As my mind had completely wandered during the typing of my essay, I really wasn’t even sure what I had so far but just shrugged it off. 

At least it was five pages.  If it made no sense, that was his problem.  He was the one who asked for this, and he was the one who would have to go through and read and grade it.

I quickly skimmed through my opening paragraph and chuckled to myself.  This was priceless.

‘In the search of a way to end the existence of conceited asses all over the world I went on a quest.  This quest brought me to a new form of life.  A form of life who’s mission was the same as mine.  As we shared our thoughts and ideas with one another, we came to the conclusion that not only did we need to wipe out all conceited asses; we also needed a leader and a new planet to reside on as we watched those on planet earth, ready to strike again whenever the occasion arose.  We named this planet Screw You.  This name came about after serious pondering on all accounts, until we decided that we just didn’t care and said screw it.  After a serious month long debate which involved battles of the mind and body, I defeated and rose above all others and was named the leader.  Shortly after our planet was formed we decided we needed a way to confirm for sure who was and was not a conceited ass.  For this we came up with a magical formula which would make it so we would have a slight allergic reaction to anyone who tried to bullshit us.  It was a full proof way of making sure that no one who needed to be brought to justice would escape.  What you read next may shock and repulse you as I delve further into all the grueling details of our group, planet and allergy.  Please be advised that this may change your whole outlook on life, and may even change all the beliefs you once held dear.’

All in all, it was a bit long winded but in order for this to meet my five page limit he would just have to deal with it.

*                *                      *                      *                      *

It was now Friday, and therefore it was the day I had to turn in my essay.  Grinning broadly, I threw open my door to leave my room, and heard a grunt before it swung back slightly. 

Furrowing my brows in confusion, I crept forward and peeked out the door.  Instantly, I regretted it and let out a overly exaggerated groan.

How had I managed to forget about my asstard, ex-boyfriend turned stalker?  Face palming, I felt my good mood plummet.  Then he spoke and it managed to do a swan dive right down the gutter.

“Hey babe, I missed you.  Here let me carry those books, they look heavy and I wouldn’t want the love of my life straining herself, now would I?”  He looked at me expectantly and held out his hands for my books.

Scowling, I shoved past him and stomped towards the stairs and towards my other least favorite human beings class.

I had just reached the first landing when I felt a tug on the back of my shirt bringing me to an abrupt halt.  Slightly puzzled and more than a little annoyed, I glanced over my shoulder to see who it was. 

“Hey!  I said I would take those.  Don’t you dare just walk away from me!”  Scott snarled in my face.

“I’ll walk away from your asstardedness anytime I choose too.  Let. Go. Now.” I bit out, not quite comprehending how he could be such a tool, and how I had ever thought I could love someone like him.  I was so caught up in my musings that I didn’t notice him walking steadily closer until he was right in my face with my back to the wall.  I could see the anger coming off of him in waves and began to feel slightly apprehensive about the situation. 

Suddenly his arms came up caging me in and my apprehension level shot through the roof.  “No one walks away from me, or dismisses me and gets away with it.  I don’t know how-the-fuck you suddenly think you’re too good for me when you were begging for me before.  You think you’re all high and mighty now?!  You think that I’m not good enough for a slut like you?!”  He began breathing heavier and spittle was flying from his mouth all over my face thoroughly disgusting me.

Right as I was about to respond to his dumbass rant, I caught a glimpse of vivid blue eyes and light brown hair beyond Scott’s shoulder. 

“Is there a problem here Miss Evans?”

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