If I Were A Cat, I'd Be Purring At An Embarrassingly Loud Level

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Yes. I know. I'm a horrible author who has made you all wait for more months than is fair. I have no real excuse except for some nasty writers block and a hectic life. I do apologize though, and honestly can't make any promises when it comes to updates, beyond trying my best.


For all of you who have stood by me and supported me, you'll never know how much it means to me. Thank you. <3


This chapter is for all of my loyal fans. =)


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Christy's POV

I awoke to the feeling of warmth. To being cocooned within a pair of strong arms and the smell of the man I loved.

Wait, love?

Did I love him? Probably best to steer away from that line of thinking. Crush those feelings now before they got out of hand. He wasn't the relationship type, especially not a committed relationship.

I slowly wiggled, testing to see how tight his hold was. Testing if I could safely slink away to avoid the inquisition I knew was coming. I was grateful to him for being there for me, but my head was still muddled and I felt a bone deep wariness from my recent escapade in the woods and Scott's attack.

There was no way I could deal with his questions now.

The problem was, I really didn't want to leave this bed either. I should be trying harder to get up, his arm was still loose, but I could feel another part of his body stiffening and my traitor body was already heating up and turning liquid at the memory of how good he felt.

I wiggled again, this time I felt his arms jerk me closer as his hardness grinded against my bottom. I couldn't stop the moan from escaping. It was torn out of me, breathy and urgent.

Suddenly none of the complications mattered. My mind was a jumble of thoughts, and they were all dirty.

My body was frantic, pushing against him in response. He groaned and I couldn't hide the satisfied smile that tugged at my mouth. Couldn't fight the triumphant feeling of knowing I still affected him too.

That it wasn't just me.

His breathing quickened as my pulse drummed in my ears. Our lower halves were doing their damned best to burn us up alive. And for the life of me, I couldn't see how that was a bad thing.

Then his hand was tugging at my pants, dipping in the front, playing with the elastic of my panties and making me pant in the process.

"Turn around," his sleep roughened voice cajoled, almost making me lose it right there. Damn he sounded sexy. How could I refuse to obey?

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