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Pen Your Pride

^^^^For making me the awesome new cover (which I also posted on the side). :D  Also you should totally check out her story “Chemical Attraction” if you haven’t already! It’s an amazing student/teacher story that I LOVE!!! Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Christy’s POV

Clutching my chest, I took a deep breath and reached up and smacked myself a little harder than I had intended, effectively breaking me out of my stupor. Albeit it earned me a weird yet slightly amused look from Garrett, it was well worth the slight stinging pain.

Then the panic set in. 

Sarah COULD NOT see me in here! If she did it really was over for me, and the video would just be the cherry on top of this whole clusterfuck situation.

I would not allow that to happen.  I had worked way too hard to get here to have it torn away by a cocky manwhore and a slutty cum dumpster!

Thinking fast, I grabbed Garrett by the wrist and pulled him over to me. Leaning in I whispered in his ear, “Get rid of her now or so help me, you will wish you had choked out in the womb.”

He looked at me slightly horrified while I just stared him down. Pointing at the door I tapped my foot and gave him another pointed glare… Man, this guy was slow. Getting even more impatient I uttered, “Tick tock.”  At the same time Sarah’s abysmally annoying voice carried through the door again gaining his attention.

“James, come on baby.  What we had was so good! Are you really willing to throw it all away just because one dumb bitch knows about us?  I can take care of her if that’s the problem.” She whined making me want to stab my ear drums with a blunt object repeatedly… Anything was better than listening to her.

Gritting my teeth in an effort to not scream at the slut and completely blow my cover I continued to glare at Garrett.

“Would you just say something to her already you jackass?!” I whisper yelled through gritted teeth.

Sending me a look that clearly said, ‘You’re an idiot,’ He leaned closer to me and whispered, “Why announce ourselves at all? Eventually she’ll think I’m not here and just go away.  Doing anything else is just asking for more trouble.”

I was actually a bit amazed by his rational thinking. Deciding he had a point I walked over to his desk chair and took a seat, figuring I may as well make myself comfortable since psycho whore seemed to be sticking around for the next little while.

My gaze slowly raked over the contents of his desk and stopped on his iPod. Jackpot!

Grasping it eagerly I jammed the ear buds in my ears and turned it on.  Scrolling through his artist list I was surprised by how many bands he had on it that I liked.  Settling on a Breaking Benjamin playlist I hit shuffle and cranked up the volume silencing Sarah once and for all.

Closing my eyes and leaning back in the chair I mouthed the words to “Polyamorous” and tapped my fingers against my thighs to the beat.

Losing myself in the music, I totally forgot Garrett was in the room until one of the ear buds was ripped from my ear causing me to jolt upright and blink in confusion. 

Smirking at me he placed it in his ear and sat on the desk in front of me. “Good choice,” He mouthed to me and bobbed his head to the beat. 

Scowling slightly since I was no longer completely immune to Sarah’s groveling at his door, I shoved a finger in my now empty ear and tried to ignore the faint thuds on his door and high pitched wails on the other side of it. 

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