Chapter Six

Scott twirled the keys to the lavish red Ferrari and walked down the corridors to the garage. Needless to say, him and Patrique weren’t the best of friends. He should’ve stuck to his own girls, not his. He sat in the Ferrari and pulled out of the drive, speeding off onto the road, not looking back. He needed to clear his thoughts once again; he nearly killed me under his anger.

He looked out at the empty road and sighed, gripping the steering wheel tighter. The blacked out windows meant that even in the winter sun he could still go out without being affected by the sunlight. His father was nicer to him than Patrique, but in his father’s own words it was because Patrique was ‘a complete idiot and acted like a girl most of the time’

He still couldn’t believe it though. “She wanted to go further” he muttered to himself with a mixture of disappointment and disgust. He shook the thought from his head and turned onto one of the large stretches of motorway. The radio should distract me a bit. However, he flicked onto the radio which acted as his phone just as his father was calling him.

“Son, come home. I know you’re angry but can’t you just talk about it?” his father asked, his voice calm despite the situation.

“No, dad. I have business to sort out” he replied, switching the radio over to the CD. The noise of the pounding music soothed him more than his father’s voice. He found comfort in insanity. Music was his escape.

He pulled up outside a large abandoned warehouse and got out of the car. He locked it and made it look like any other beat up cheap car so nobody would steal it. He smirked to himself and knocked on the door of the building, humming to himself as he waited for an answer; the people here spent most of their time drunk and gambling, so they weren’t the type of people to reply straight away.

A girl opened the door, looking up at Scott from over her sunglasses. She took the cigarette from her mouth and called to the guys inside, looking back up at Scott once more before walking into the shadows. Scott smirked and walked in after her, bolting the warehouse door. He switched the panel of lights on like he did every time; unlike everyone else, he preferred to not live in the darkness.

“Why do you have to do that? God!” Brandon yelled, covering his eyes from the sudden light.

“Erm, because you act like those stupid vampires from books, living in the darkness 24/7” Scott replied, rolling his eyes as he sat down at  the large table in the middle of the warehouse. Kara, the girl from the door, sat in Jay’s lap and kissed him. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. They all used her for blood and other things.

“You never come here anymore, why the hell are you here?” Jay asked between kissing Kara. Scott folded his arms.

“Nice to know you’re all happy I’m here then. And if you really want to know, one of the girls I marked made out with Patrique last night and I came to ask what I could do to teach her a lesson” He asked, looking up at the three blood addicted gamblers he called his friends.

“You could kill her” Kara smirked; now sitting in her own chair.

“You could take her, then she’d be yours” Jay shrugged.

“You could bite her” Brandon laughed.

“Thanks guys, not like I hadn’t thought of those things before” Scott replied, unenthusiastic. He’d thought of most possibilities but decided that no matter what he did, I would always rebel and find another way to annoy him. “I was thinking, because Monica is my mate I could show Brix that I wasn’t interested in her, making her jealous of her friend until she goes mental” he smirked to himself again.

“Don’t do that, you always freak me out when you smile to yourself” Jay laughed, punching Scott’s arm. “It’s like somewhere in your twisted little mind you have a little idea that could kill us all” he added.

“Who says I’m not going to kill you all? All I have to do is tell my dad about the illegal gambling that goes on here and bang, you all die” Scott smirked at the group  as they stared at him in shock. He pretended to shoot them one by one.

“You know what Scott” Kara said, sitting in his lap and looking at him directly in the eyes. “I always liked you” she smirked, kissing him and pulling her body closer to his. He moaned and ripped her lip instinctively with his fangs, causing her to scream in pain. Every vampire had to test who they were with to see if they could withstand pain, because being turned was more painful than anything. By now, Scott just hurt everyone.

She sobbed and hid herself in Jay’s arms, clutching her bleeding mouth. Jay held her close and started yelling abuse at Scott; Scott couldn’t care less. Actually, he was quite proud of how he could make someone cry simply by kissing them. He chuckled as she writhed in pain. “What was that for?” she sobbed and screamed at him, glugging blood at the same time as it pulsed from her lips.

Scott shrugged.

“GET OUT!” Brandon growled at his so called ‘friend’. The only reason they were friends was because Scott turned him; Brandon had been badly beaten up and bleeding to death fast but Scott saved him. The same with Jay. Jay had tried to kill himself and the hospital couldn’t save him, so Scott did. Kara was just an annoying half-vampire. Jay had always resented Scott for saving him when he didn’t want to live anymore.

“With pleasure” Scott smirked, picking up his keys and a few bottles as he did. He saluted to the trio and walked out of the building. He looked back at the building and contemplated whether he should set it on fire, or whether to leave them to starve. Starvation. He locked the doors and turned the car back so it was the Ferrari he loved and sat in it.

He sped back to the castle, an idea forming in his head. He nodded and laughed as the details began to fit into place.

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