The Wild Scene Hunt by FreedCommunity
The Wild Scene Huntby Freed Community
This contest is a spin off of the sentence hunt held by @haadiiiyah on her profile. Are you ready for the hunt of a lifetime? Are you ready to be crowned Master of the H...
  • intensity
  • questions
  • romance
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Zombie Snacks by WattZombie
Zombie Snacksby Zombies Undead & Infected
Two sentence zombie stories, each of which should take no more than five seconds to read. The shortest of the short and most definitely snack-sized tales for the zombie...
  • gory
  • undead
  • popular
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Two Sentence Horror Stories by TrustyKeyboard
Two Sentence Horror Storiesby TrustyKeyboard
All made by myself. They are all horror stories that are two sentences or sometimes one sentence long. I hope you enjoy these stories that will make you shiver.
  • horror
  • one
  • killer
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102 //Matty Healy// by vintagehealy
102 //Matty Healy//by ari™
All she ever did was talk about her boyfriend. All he did was love her. Matty Healy alternative universe Copyright © 2016 (Sentence per chapter)
  • healy
  • sentence
  • the1975fanfic
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Facing Reality by shiningfireflies-
Facing Realityby 「 雨」
[ONGOING] The full description is inside, but this is a poetry book about a girl coping with life in general. Pretty depressing, I suppose, but I hope you like it :)
  • sentence
  • girl
  • poems
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Lobotomy // Gawsten by TrystenIsTrying
Lobotomy // Gawstenby The Infamous Gloom Boy
Awsten is obsessed, Geoff is obvious
  • otto
  • awstenknight
  • per
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What He Said by ariawayland
What He Saidby ariawayland
A recollection of things a guy said to his girl throughout their relationship.
  • pain
  • couple
  • shortchapters
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Two Sentence Stories by Steve_Williams
Two Sentence Storiesby Storm Owl
There are laughs. There are shocks. There are drama. This is collection of two sentence stories I written that you won't find anywhere else.
  • funny
  • comedy
  • collection
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Awesome Comebacks and Jokes by SquashedBug
Awesome Comebacks and Jokesby oOf
Im bored
  • elementry
  • words
  • lalalalalala
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Two-Sentence Horror Stories by closedtabs
Two-Sentence Horror Storiesby fuck.
Bone-chilling horror stories! Read at your own risk.
  • creepy
  • two
  • horror
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Kavi Imagines  by thepentatonic
Kavi Imagines by Tara
short sentences about Kavi
  • imagines
  • avi
  • ptxofficial
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The Thoughts of Uchiha Sasuke  by YaoiGirl_4
The Thoughts of Uchiha Sasuke by YaoiGirl_4
Sasuke's thoughts expressed one sentence at a time.
  • sasunaru
  • sentence
  • boyxboy
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Math by Soksopheakmorokoth
Mathby Soksopheakmorokoth
Math is everywhere and we used it every single times.
  • sentence
  • geometry
  • short
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One Sentence Story Starters by fandomgirl40
One Sentence Story Startersby - ̗̀ angel ̖́-
Hello, this story contains a bunch of one sentence story starters that might help to get a case of author's block relieved. I'm really excited to share all of my crazy i...
  • fun
  • story
  • starters
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Finish My Sentence (Game) by Lily_Bullet
Finish My Sentence (Game)by Lily Bullet
Spiders eating crepes? Pandas at maple syrup farms? In this book, the reader and author alike make everyone laugh with this ridiculous word game. These are the results...
  • funny
  • friendly
  • humor
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To the grave - Phan au by awfulbaby
To the grave - Phan auby ↜ Naiomi ↝
Dans pov One sentence each chapter ////////// Couldn't keep his love locked away,the love roams and creates an interesting battle to the grave
  • howell
  • fluffy
  • boy
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Trinkets and other Knick-Knacks by Jazzy-Jazzer
Trinkets and other Knick-Knacksby ☆★ Jazzy ★☆
A collection of Micro Fiction (aka Flash Fiction), short stories and drabble; tiny tidbits of story. ~ For those of you who don't know what Micro Fiction is, it's a stor...
  • scifi
  • paragraph
  • sentence
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The Way I Get By by SquashedBug
The Way I Get Byby oOf
She hurts She hates She fights She tries to fight the pain; she tries to fight the misery that eats her up inside. She tries to fight the agony that is ready to explode...
  • fucklife
  • awesome
  • elementry
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Миний бодлууд by Mortem623713
Миний бодлуудby Mortem
Миний боддог бодлууд.
  • mongol
  • mortem
  • sentence
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Extremely Short HORROR STORIES (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by seeniorul
Extremely Short HORROR STORIES ( Seeniorul
One of the largest colections of two and one sentences horror stories on wattpad
  • creepy
  • phantom
  • one
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