Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by ____joelk
Extremely Short Horror Stories ( Joel K
The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways
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Bad Company by SpriceThePrice
Bad Companyby Sprice
Amber never expected to finally build the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend and start new in Boston with her best friend, Christy. She never expected Christy to be...
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  • billy
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Rebel Yell by SpriceThePrice
Rebel Yellby Sprice
Amber moves to Boston to reunite with her lifelong best friend and start a new life. Everything is going good until she realizes Bria's boyfriend, Joe, is apart of a gan...
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Words / a Zanvis story / by Chibi_Prima
Words / a Zanvis story /by Your Supreme Leader Prima
Words, Zane used them in his head so often. He seemed insane. Was he insane? No. Probably not. At least not yet, not for now. Shadowed by his older brother. Out-witted...
  • mysteeet
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Two Sentence Stories by ZeMelonBall
Two Sentence Storiesby Melon
Exactly what the title says
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Extremely Short HORROR STORIES (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by seeniorul
Extremely Short HORROR STORIES ( Seeniorul
One of the largest colections of two and one sentences horror stories on wattpad
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Broken Hearts and Souls by Mansonmarie178
Broken Hearts and Soulsby AL Sherry
What can be broken again and again but it becomes stronger? The heart and the soul. Feel the pain in your bones. Things may be fine. But the pain needs attention. Poetry...
  • tragic
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Words  by kissland1996
Words by Elizabeth Tesfaye
- Words - Das Cover ist aus Pinterest.
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call me nobody | minizerk  by iloveallwrong
call me nobody | minizerk by ☹ amb ☹
a lonely boy sits on a crooked, old bench down by the lake of the small towns park; his hairs a mess and his heart is shattered into millions of pieces. however, his lif...
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Loving Continues by kiwibird_02
Loving Continuesby kiwibird_02
After Xoe and Max reach a blowout in their relationship, they waste no time in rekindling their feelings for each other. For both of them, life couldn't get anymore perf...
  • difficulty
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Zombie Snacks by WattZombie
Zombie Snacksby Zombies Undead & Infected
Two sentence zombie stories, each of which should take no more than five seconds to read. The shortest of the short and most definitely snack-sized tales for the zombie...
  • horrific
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Two Sentence Horror Stories  by bohemian-macca
Two Sentence Horror Stories by LafaYEET
Okay kids are you ready to be super-dooper spooked out of your socks? Because I'm not... diSCLAIMER None of these are mine unless stated otherwise
  • horror
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FOOLS by broswearcapes
FOOLSby bucktooth baddie
The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice. -Proverbs 12:15 In the end, we were fools.
  • sentence
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Two-Sentence Horror Stories by s0rryboo
Two-Sentence Horror Storiesby 💔
Bone-chilling horror stories! Read at your own risk.
  • idkanymore
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One Sentence Stories by Full_Of_Ink
One Sentence Storiesby ⭐️ Isabel 🍀
One Sentence Stories! ! ! Each part is a different story!
  • short
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  • onesentencestory
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Together by FanFiction4SickFucks
Togetherby 💙SAM💙
One sentence per chapter type stories. Joeys struggles with coming out...
  • joeygraceffa
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✅ I love you J.HS  by _KookieMyLove_
✅ I love you J.HS by KookieMyLove
COMPLETED ✅ I loved you, but you loved someone else"
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Misfortunes In love™ [COMPLETED] by GirlYouCanNeverBe
Misfortunes In love™ [COMPLETED]by 「e - she」
❝ Heartbroken by love, Heart wrenched by time, Just closing my eyes and hitting rewind. ❞ © Ishita Singh. A book of short poetry sentences that give you all the feels. B...
  • betrayal
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10 EGG PUNS by greatdonuts
10 EGG PUNSby greatdonuts
Some of the great puns of egg!Read it for only a few seconds only!🐣
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Random shit *idefk*  by Bts_Is_Killing_Me_
Random shit *idefk* by ⋩ι'м fιиє⋨
Idefk just random shit
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