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One of a Kind by 19Haley96
One of a Kindby Haley
Lilliana (Lilly) Perceval is a vampire. She was changed at the age of 17 and her mother pulled her through the changes, supporting her as best she could, even when she s...
  • earth
  • turned
  • air
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A Bear Love (Book 1) by Livetodreamx
A Bear Love (Book 1)by livetodreamx
Book 1 In The Lonely Bears Series A Bear Love (This book is complete) Wolff was haunted by his past. As Alpha of his clan he has a responsibility to his people, his fri...
  • ourwoods
  • life
  • living
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Royal War: Sequel to Royal Secret by nicci42098
Royal War: Sequel to Royal Secretby Nicci
Celina, the pure blood princess, is placed in the middle of two battlefields: one for her heart and one for her crown. Trevor's and Korin's skirmishes over her threaten...
  • king
  • warrior
  • council
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Enforcing Boundaries by EmmaAnnHonsowetz
Enforcing Boundariesby EmmaAnnHonsowetz
The wolves were never the most frightening thing in Margo's world. No, the most frightening thing had to be the people under the wolves' fur. Because it wasn't wild wol...
  • werewolf
  • pack
  • enforcing
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The Mates Bond by smurfyphantom06
The Mates Bondby smurfyphantom06
{{ 1 of 3 Mates Pull sequels }} After a wild and crazy year of surprises and roller coasters of emotions life seems to be settling down for Harper and Braxton. That is...
  • council
  • werewolf
  • wolf
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The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) Bk 2 by DoUbLeZone
The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) DoUbLeZone
What would you do if you were the Beta of a wolf pack and your mate was not only human, but had no idea you were his mate. On top of that, he was homophobic? Thomas is...
  • jessop
  • alpha
  • shot
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Carcere by LindaCCherry
Carcereby Christie
For years Wolves and Humans had been at war with each other. Countless lives on both sides had been lost and Humans were slowly becoming extinct thanks to the strength a...
  • mae
  • mates
  • red
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The Hybrid King by asteriakace
The Hybrid Kingby asteria
an ongoing story ❝I may be the King who protects our kingdom but I am also the man who has killed without remorse.❞ She's an outcast and he's a liar. S...
  • hybrid
  • beta
  • kingdom
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An alpha female? Or a Luna? by lightgirl01
An alpha female? Or a Luna?by A fellow dolphin 🐬
Kalani is a 17 year old girl who lives with her father in the blue moon pack, one of the most feared in the country, socially skilled and a friend to all, kalani never t...
  • crash
  • proud
  • fighting
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Way of the Vampire Bk 1: Rebellion by Scottish_writer
Way of the Vampire Bk 1: Rebellionby Rebecca
Picked for the wattvampires February Showcase! And featured on their profile! Also featured in the Dark Fantasy reading lists! "You are funny, young one, and I appr...
  • featured
  • supernatural
  • war
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Bambi and the Duke [Sample] by ash_knight17
Bambi and the Duke [Sample]by Ash
[18+] 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟔𝟔 Disowned by her own family for their own reasons, she was taken in by a maid at the age of seven to work at the Carmichael's household. The Carmi...
  • 1700s
  • historical
  • love
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Eumoirous by aizrin_
Eumoirousby - яιи1024 -
[ON-GOING] Original Story ❝Do you not know, that your life has been based on a lie for all this time?❞ Living in a "normal" royal and noble life, sugar-coated...
  • demon
  • professor
  • fantasy
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Alpha Xeres by Nicental
Alpha Xeresby Nicental
"Insanity would have to wait. First, he needed to avenge the dead." A fallen Alpha on the verge of losing his sanity. A lost soul parched for revenge. A wron...
  • torture
  • council
  • lies
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asthete advice - OPEN by asthetecommittee
asthete advice - OPENby ミ a s t h e t e ミ
HIRING and OPEN where the asthete committee gives you solutions and help to life problems #projectasthete #28 in helpline
  • projectasthete
  • help
  • critique
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Dead Girl by WoahNixella
Dead Girlby Nix
When one dies, they are expected to stay that way. Altheda Stone donated her body to science, not expecting herself to die in her youth, nor wake up after being declared...
  • fantasy
  • dead
  • death
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Feitan x Yuki #2 [ The Vampire King ] by YukiCrimsonPh
Feitan x Yuki #2 [ The Vampire Yuki Crimson Phantom
This is my second story, please enjoy!!! WARNING, MY ENGLISH IS BAD In the world where vampires are disguised as human, it is really hard to capture them....especially w...
  • shalnark
  • council
  • phantom
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Divided - A Koralie Fanfiction by Stardipped_Ink
Divided - A Koralie Fanfictionby Krista
Oralie and Kenric are intimate friends. No, more than that. Ever since Level Six, they've been hopefuls. But no, more than that now. They're on each other's Matchmaker l...
  • kotlc
  • oralie
  • forbiddenlove
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A Bear Temptation (Book 2) by Livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation (Book 2)by livetodreamx
A Bear Temptation Book 2 in the Lonely Bears Series Zeke was broken. In a fight for his Clan's survival he has lost the one thing that meant the most to him - his bear...
  • bond
  • shifter
  • council
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The Alpha's Law by HAKIMTK6
The Alpha's Lawby HAKIMTK6
Riley Marie Kendall grew up like any other American girl. And as any other normal 16 year old should, she thought werewolves were fiction. That is until the Kendall fami...
  • love
  • council
  • alpha
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Annabelle (Not Updating) by Riverilove
Annabelle (Not Updating)by Riverilove
Annabelle hasn't had the best life. Due to her unclear parentage, Annabelle and her mother were isolated from the pack and Annabelle often bullied by fellow pack members...
  • shift
  • vampire
  • marking
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