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Chains: Yandere Boy x Reader by _NekoStories_
Chains: Yandere Boy x Readerby _NekoStories_
He loved you. But you left him like he was nothing.
Broken By My Master// Jerry Cantrell/Layne Staley by socialparasite
Broken By My Master// Jerry socialparasite
A story in which Layne is Jerry's sex slave //sexual content//
How to train a dog by KionKoko
How to train a dogby KionKoko
Your punishment brought to you by the Umbrella corporation. ~A risqué oneshot~
Today a Slave, Tomorrow a Rose by TakeMeImAlive
Today a Slave, Tomorrow a Roseby Some Loser
Sky Casey is kidnapped after moving into a new town after having a confrontation with a blonde jock named Blake. Sky wakes up in his basement shackled to a bed. Why is s...
Countryhumans x Reader by LunarEcplipse43
Countryhumans x Readerby Fire Fox Cookie
I will write mostly Lemons. But I can also write Fluff, Angst, and all that good stuff. BUT I WILL NOT write Pedophilia, Necrophilia, or Incest.
Reqa's Enslaved Adventure by RanmdoFerur
Reqa's Enslaved Adventureby Ranmdo Ferur
The presence of magic in this world was discovered 1000 years ago and now this world has started to develop faster than before......creatures like vampires, werewolves e...
Chained Heart~ Kurapika by HangeZoeSimp420
Chained Heart~ Kurapikaby HangeZoeSimp420
Kurapika X Reader ~EDITING~ As Gons older cousin you were asked to retake the hunters test to keep an eye on him. You didn't expect to grow close with any of the partici...
Kurapika x Reader ONESHOTS ! by kawieayo
Kurapika x Reader ONESHOTS !by kawieayo
ON HAITUS (3/21/22)-(??/??/??) yay, oneshots ! They might be based off of a scene, a song or anything really. I DO NOT OWN HUNTER X HUNTER, I only own the characters t...
My Nightmare Is My Lover by SarahMidnight7
My Nightmare Is My Loverby SarahMidnight7
"Are you afraid of me Kurapika?" "No." "You should be." Kurapika Gets Kidnapped by Chrollo Luclifer who wants him to join the troupe for hi...
Ghost Rider: Izuku Midoriya  by AnimeEagleScout
Ghost Rider: Izuku Midoriya by Joeseph Moore
a story I grabbed from my docs. izuku becomes ghost rider and an accidental pervert. Female only quirk user Ghost Rider Izuku. Dekubowl
Psycho {H.S.} by HarryInMyStyles
Psycho {H.S.}by C
Odd... Some people write love letters on paper... Not skin.
Killers | Solby (DISCONTINUED) by Colbaefan
Killers | Solby (DISCONTINUED)by 𝐂 𝐎 𝐋 𝐁 𝐘
Book 2- A prisoner is killing inmates inside prison and the case had gotten out of hand. Every other day an inmate drops. And they need someone to stop him.. To do that...
When Fate takes A U - Turn by seraphicsoull
When Fate takes A U - Turnby Jacquelineraphael
Riddhi Laurette and Jimin Park have been bitter enemies since Junior Highschool, although their families the well - known millionaires the Laurette Family of UK and the...
To Love A Dragon (BOYxBOY) *SLOWLY UPDATING* by SweetScratch
To Love A Dragon (BOYxBOY) * Greg Sweet
Can A Prince fall in love with a dragon, especially when that dragon is male? When that dragon is the only dragon in history that can turn into a human? When that dragon...
The Hardship's of Love by Timmietots
The Hardship's of Loveby HotStickySweet
As I lay in my hospital bed I voiced out my decision to my mate regardless of the fact that both of us would be hurting. "I've had to deal with you not caring for 5...
That Time When I Was Forced To Become Property by RanmdoFerur
That Time When I Was Forced To Ranmdo Ferur
A man becomes immortal after a freak accident at a nuclear bombing. He realises that his life would be very boring. He was then approached by a scientist, who gives him...
Stay with me - VegasPete Oneshot by poptropicarulez
Stay with me - VegasPete Oneshotby Yoongi_minatozaki
Continuation of KinnPorsche ep 12 trailer with VegasPete. What happens when Pete is given the chance to escape the safe-house without anyone holding him back. Except af...
Happy Now? by KookyKrayKray101
Happy Now?by Anna Trachsler
When Dib finally catches Zim he realizes the mistakes he has made (PG 13)
Jackets Journal by SanityTV
Jackets Journalby Sanity_T.V
Jacket finds and keeps a hidden spiral notebook and writes down his new experience and time with the PayDay gang.