Chapter Nineteen

He was crumpled up in the floor like a dead and wilted rose. From what I could see he was breathing, but very faintly and hard to hear. The dry blood was around him in a trail and it looked like he’d choked it up because it was dry around his mouth. I nudged him softly and kneeled by him; he looked like he was in a deep and peaceful sleep. I brushed his hair from his eyes and sighed.

“Zach” I whispered, stroking his cheek. I gagged slightly as some of the dry blood flaked off onto me. He murmured softly and turned away like an angered child who didn’t want to go to school or wake up early. I frowned and sighed, standing up. I pulled the duvet off of his bed to find yet more dry blood and covered him in it. I didn’t want him freezing to death.

I sat watching him for a while; only he could fall asleep whilst covered in blood and be fine with it. I jumped slightly as his phone went off and carefully, trying not to disturb him, I picked his phone from his pocket. The text was from Tracie. I opened his phone and began to read it, and from the looks of it she’d written an essay.

Where are you? I’ve rang you about twenty times and texted you endlessly! Don’t think I didn’t see you with that other girl the other night. If you don’t call me back I’ll have no choice but to find somebody else, because it looks like you have already moved on. I don’t even think you realise how much you’ve hurt me over the last few weeks. My sister is missing and you act like I’m being stupid for crying about it, just because you don’t care about Brix. Zach it’s over. Don’t bother coming back; I’m sure you’re far too busy with that whore of yours.

He’d cheated on Tracie, the nicest girl in the world. My eyes welled up again and with a few breaths I managed to calm myself down. I placed his phone back into his pocket and stood up, looking around the room. I soon realised what the room smelt of and I pushed my hand over my mouth to try and stop myself from throwing up. It smells like death in here.

“Maybe that’s because I’m here honey” a voice purred. The voice sounded too familiar...I looked around the room to see where it was coming from but there was nothing. A black mist seeped through the window and I stood against the wall as it formed into the shape of a person. I looked the man up and down before composing myself.

“Who are you?” I shook. He smirked and waved his hand at me, opening the window and lighting a cigarette. He took a long drag and shielded the tiny flame with his hands as the wind blew through the open space. Zach murmured and turned over once more but remained in a deep sleep. He could sleep through anything.

“Does it really matter?” the man replied, taking another long drag on the cigarette. I watched as he blew the smoke in rings out of the window and it mingled with the air.

“I would say so. You’re in my house and I have no idea who you are” I growled, putting my hands on my hips. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and laughed slightly; I looked so much like mum when I did that. He laughed and stubbed the cigarette on the windowsill and threw the butt out of the window before closing it.

“Surely you know who I am, Brixie?” he pouted, stepping over Zach’s sleeping body. I shook my head and watched as he flicked his hair from his eyes. “That’s a shame, seeing as I am someone very important”

I looked at him and took in his appearance: He had light, mousy-brown hair that hung just over his eyes which he constantly moved so he could see properly, a leather jacket with patches all over it, a white dress shirt, black skinny jeans and red (but dirty and worn) converse trainers. I had to say, if I knew him a bit better I would say he was quite attractive, and VERY my type.

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