Chapter One

We all think we’re destined for great things, when in reality – that horrible, miserable thing – you’re going to spend your stay on this earth unknown. I thought I’d be world famous and adored, but no, not even my friend knew my full name. I’d wasted my whole life studying the media and what it was like to be famous and now I’d be famous for one specific thing: my death. It might help if I explained the situation, seeing as I’m not going anywhere any time soon.


“You call that a Halloween costume?” Monica asked, looking at the outfit on my hanger that I’d planned out. Her question brought my attention from the computer screen to her. She nodded towards it. I nodded.

“Just because I haven’t contributed to the norm of dressing as if it’s summer and wearing skimpy clothes doesn’t mean it’s not a costume. I’ve settled for the safe choice of a vampire. I can still look sexy while being a bit covered up” I replied.

“Dude, you always look amazing. It’s actually not fair” she pouted in my direction.

“Are you looking at me?” I laughed. I never looked amazing. I looked at the short red dress and ripped the bottom so it was jagged and sewed black lace underneath it. I nodded at my work and grabbed my bat tights from the drawer and put them on the chair underneath the dress with some red Dr Martens. I’d add accessories later.

“Yeah, I’m going as a teenager, that’s a scary enough outfit right?” she smiled, gesturing to her jeans and t-shirt and converse. I nodded and shuddered. “You’ll look amazing in that outfit anyway” she added.

“I hope so” I replied to her, standing back and looking at the outfit. “You never know, tonight we might meet someone who could change our lives” I said, looking at her. She shrugged and laughed. I grabbed the hanger and walked into the bathroom.

I finished getting ready and walked out, looking into the mirror on the landing. I did look good for once. I pulled on the black choker with tiny red glass hanging from it, resembling blood drops and two tiny bites. Monica had changed and looked how a teenager should look; she looked like a zombie. I smeared some red make up down the side of my mouth and added thick black eyeliner around my eyes. “Ready?”

“Ready” she nodded.

We walked down the road and managed to bribe another group of teens into giving us their drinks. I sipped mine and staggered slightly, holding onto Monica which was no use because she was as drunk as I was. Eating all the candy didn’t help either. We got some strange looks but it was funny to us; we couldn’t stop giggling as we walked.

We bumped into a group of boys and laughed at them as we were slightly messed up. They looked at us less than impressed but also took an interest in us. I couldn’t keep a straight face and neither could Monica as I laughed into her shoulder. One of the boys pushed us back and I growled at him. “Don’t touch us” I managed to slur behind clenched teeth.

“Or what? You’re going to cry?” one of them stepped forward and looked at us with a smirk. This is why I hated Halloween, people were always acting like jerks. I rolled my eyes and pushed him back.

“No, I’ll just kick you were it hurts” I replied, placing my hands on my hips. I narrowed my eyes at the boy who was just putting on a strong defence. Monica tried to pull me back but I decided to show him that he couldn’t just go around messing with girls. Especially this girl, who has a black belt in self defence.

“I’d like to see you try” he replied with a smirk. He smelt distinctly of alcohol and it made me feel sick from the amount I’d drank. I had to try my hardest not to throw up over him; that would have been a nice end to things though. I held my fists in front of myself in case he dared to attack me; he did look like he was interested in more than attacking me as he looked me up and down.

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