Book 1: -Chapter Sixteen - Bonus

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Grace's P.O.V

I checked myself one more time in the bathroom mirror before I walked out to my bedroom. Ben was waiting on my bed, he was taking me to go see my father before we started moving my stuff into his palace.

"I might've strayed from wearing my dad's colors together but I still wear his colors." I laughed as I slipped on my flats.

"You look beautiful." He told me as he got up and made his way to where he was I front of me, "you ready?" I nodded and we left my dorm and headed to where they're keeping my dad.

We arrived at a tiny building. There were guards standing outside. "King Ben, what a pleasure. May I ask why you're here?"

"I wanted to let my girlfriend see her dad today." Ben told them and they nodded letting him through. We stepped into a small brick building. I've never seen this before. Ben got in an elevator then helped me into it.

"What is this place?" I asked Ben.

"My dad didn't think my proclamation would go as planned... he had them turn this building into something like a jail. Top floor is the entrance. Then there are 4 basement levels to hold prisoners if we need to. Your dad was the first to use it. I don't believe in this kinda thing but sometime I think this might be better than other options." He explained. I couldn't disagree with him there.

Our island was gross. It stunk, was trashy, just everything. At least this place doesn't stink. And you get food.

"I'm going to let you go in by yourself, to give you two privacy. If you need me for anything just yell, or knock on the door or something." He helped me out of the elevator as he told me this. Before I could walk towards where my dad was he stopped me again. "Nothing is going to happen to you. At any moment. I won't let it."

I nodded as I gave him a quick kissing to reassure him everything will be fine. I walked to where my dad was being held. There was a class wall between my dad and I.

"Grace." My father said, I could see the shock on his face.

"Hi... Gaston." I said as I got a little closer to the glass. "I'm sure you'd rather be on the island-" he cut me off before I could finish.

"No. In this prison is better than being on the island." He told me and I gave him a small smile. "I wanted to apologize, Grace." My head snapped up and I stood straighter.

My father. Wanted to apologize. What is going on? "For what?"

"Everything." He told me. "I should've been a father. I've been down here for what feels like years because I haven't slept in 48 hours. I've had time to think. I'm sorry that I couldn't save your mom. Your mom was the best thing that happened to me after Belle. I talked so low of her because I'd rather show everyone I hated her then let them think that I'm broken without her. Please, give me another chance to be your father."

"You've had 16 years." I told him with my head high. I wanted to know what he wanted.

"I know. Nothing makes up for anything. But seeing Belle, That beast and your boyfriend together made me wish that I would've helped you like that. Forget everything I said the night of coronation." He said.

"Trust me. Everything you said is already forgotten. But what do you want? You want to be set free? You want to end us? There's something going on here." I told him

"Not what you think. I want you to help me become a better person. You're the only one in the family who has a pure none evil heart." He told me.

Wait, did he just say what I think he said? "Wait, what do you mean 'in the family' is there something I don't know?" I asked him.

Gaston sighed and looked at me, "you have a brother. You two are almost the exact same age. Only difference is a month. You two have different moms."

"We obviously." I said rolling my eyes. "You never told me because?"

"I was ashamed that your mom was just a women I was in love with. Your brother's mom and I were married. I cheated on her with your mom. But I was in love with your mom not her." He told me. Why is he saying this so confusingly?

"Okay. So I have a brother... what's his name?" I asked. I can't believe he never told me this.

"Gil." He replied.

"If I ever went back to the island where could I find him?" I asked him.

"Wherever Uma and Harry are." He replied. "He's not about the brains."

"Of course he's not." I sighed, "if he's in Uma and Harry's group he might be to far evil." I said trying to think of something.

"Are you gonna give me another chance?" Gaston asked.

I turned towards him and gave him a small smile, "sure. I'll be back in the morning for your Goodness 101 lesson." I told him as I started walking out. I shut the door back before he could reply.

I just really hope this turns out to be a good idea. I want to have my father in my life. So I'm gonna do whatever it takes.

Even if it takes going back to the isle.


So... that's the end of book one! I was gonna make a whole separate book for the sequel but I'm just gonna add a part two to this book. You'll notice when I go back and start editing and change everything. But I hope you liked the final chapter of the first book.
Also, I was wondering if I should follow the plot like of the 2nd movie? If I do I'll still add my own plot in with it and change some things. So should I do the plot of the 2nd movie or should I just continue and add tiny parts from the 2nd movie. Pls let me know asap!

Thanks for joining me on my journey of writing the first book and part 2 will be put soon!

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