Book 2: -Important Message.

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I have to tell/ask something but I just wanted to say that I will have the next chapter up in a few days. I have it done I'm just going to reread it to see if it's okay enough until I go through and edit this book.

Anyway. To the real stuff.

If you all watch the voice you should help me VOTE for NOAH MAC okay? Because he is the best and has the deepest voice 😍😍😍 like

Y'all, help him make it to ten top 4. He deserves it. He's on Team Jennifer Hudson.

You can:

1.) vote for him on
2.) Get the app and vote for him
3.) Buy his song from tonight or any song he had sung on the voice.
4.) Stream his song on Apple Music

Guys, he's the best and it makes me so sad that America can't see that. Like, he's a teenager (I think) and he has the deepest voice I have EVER heard.

I'm literally about to fangirl.

Like if he wins... then I'll be so happy that I'll probably write more chapters to every single book I have on here.

But if he goes home tomorrow night I'll probably be depressed tbh.

Y'all have until noon (12) Tuesday, December 12 to vote for him.

Please help us get him to the top 4.


But if they have a #VoiceSave tomorrow (I don't think they do) but IF they did... y'all should totally start tweeting #VoiceSaveNoah. I don't think that they are having a voice save (so don't make me feel stupid) but I'm just saying.

It will probably make my semi-depression worse if he goes home because he's such a good singer and some people in America just can't see that... sadly. 😭😭😭

But let's hope he gets through ❤️


I also want to thank you if you voted and if you didn't that's okay too.

I know that their are reasons people can't or won't vote for him and I get it.

His voice just makes me happy and it seems to relax me so that why I'm posting this.

But yeah, thanks in advance if you voted.

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