Book 1: -Chapter Seven

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Okay, so we're so close to another song and it feels like it takes me forever to write song lyrics down because I actually type them while listening to it so... I'm kinda dreading it.


Grace's P.O.V

I've been following Ben and Audrey around probably for a few minutes. I just wanna make sure that the plan works you know? I need to make Gaston proud of me so I'll have a family. I saw Audrey talking to Ben about the girls hair that Mal did.

I snuck around the corner of the entrance I came out at I quietly turned the corner then opened my locker. I got the bag that held the cookie out when Jay came over and leaned against the locker beside mine.

"Are you feeling kinda weird about this? I mean, it's not so bad here, you know." Jay asked me and told me. He doesn't understand how right he actually is. I love it here, I want nothing more than to stay here but I need a family and I need to make Gaston proud. At least then I'd have a family again.

"I used to think like that. But now it's all about Long live evil! You're mean! You're awful! You're bad news! Snap out of it!" I told him trying to remind him of what we need to do to get our parents to approve us as good enough.

"Thanks, Grace. I needed that." Jay told me then went over and started flirting with the girls that Mal fixed the hair on.

I turned back to my locker to eavesdrop on Ben and Audrey's conversation. "Do you think they actually paid for those? She did it to Jane's hair too, and Fairy Godmother's not happy about it." She complained.

"Whats the harm?" Ben asked not seeing anything wrong with what Mal did. Which there isn't.

"It's gateway magic! Sure, it starts with the hair. Next thing you know it's the lips and the legs and the clothes and then everybody looks good and then... where will I be?" Audrey asked Ben. I rolled my eyes, she's way more selfish than I thought. All she cares about is herself.

I heard Ben scoff a little bit, "Listen... Audrey." He started but she cut him off.

"I will see you at the game after my dress-fitting for the coronation, okay?" She asked him, he let out a sigh.

"Okay." He agreed, she smiled, "Bye Bennyboo." She then walked away and he mumbled a "bye."

"Hey, Bennyboo." I said in a high pitched voice trying or mock his girlfriend but it didn't work out very well.

He turned around and seen me then a smile appeared on his face. "Hey." He greeted.

"I just made a batch of cookies. Double chocolate chip, do you want one?" I asked his holding up the bag with the cookie in it shaking it a little bit.

"Oh, I, uh, I've got a big game. I don't eat before a big game. But thank you so, so much. Thank you. Next time. Next time." He told me, and started to walk away. I knew if he didn't eat it now he never would and I wouldn't get the wand and I wouldn't have a family.

"No. Yeah. I completely understand. "Beware of treats offered by kids of villains"." I said trying to guilt him into eating it. "Especially someone who's the daughter of the person who almost ruined your parents."

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