Book 1: -Chapter Fourteen

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Grace's P.O.V

The trumpets started and the doors opened to reveal Ben. He then slowly started making his way up the long isle, on his way up he sent me a smile and stopped in front of Fairy Godmother.

"Do you solemnly swear to govern the peoples of Auradon with justice and mercy as long as you shall reign?" Fairy Godmother asked him.

"I do solemnly swear." Ben repeated.

Fairy Godmother smiled, "Then it is my honor and my joy to bless our new king." As she blessed Ben the wand got stolen. by Jane.

Everyone gasped as Jane was trying to use the wand, she clearly didn't know what she was doing. Someone would probably get hurt sooner or later.

"Child, what are you doing?" Fairy Godmother asked her daughter who was going wand crazy.

"If you won't make me beautiful, I'll do it myself." Jane said as she continued waving that thing crazily. She started muttering the words while someone told everyone go take cover. I ran up to take it from her.

"Careful Grace!" Belle told me as I grabbed the wand and Jane ran back to the place she was suppose to be.

I didn't give the wand back to them, "Grace, give me the wand." Ben said as he came closer to me.

"Stand back." I warned him softly. I didn't want to hurt him.

"It's okay." He told me as he got closer again.

"Ben, I said stand back!" I yelled as he looked worried but of course he wouldn't let anyone know.

"I told you so!" Audrey said as I turned around to face her and she stepped back. Smart.

The rest of the gang ran In behind me, "Let's go! Revenge time." the gang yelled

Ben gave me a look, "You really want to do this?" he asked me.

"We have no choice, Ben! Our parents.." I cried out remembering that I could finally have a father.

"Your parents made their choice. Now you make yours." Ben told us as I dropped my arm and just let the wand dangle in my hand.

"I think I wanna be good." I stated.

"You are good." he told me.

"how do you know that?" I yelled.

"Because... because I'm listening to my heart." he told me which made me realize something.

"I wanna listen to my heart, too." I told him then turned towards the gang. "and my heart is telling me that we are not our parents. I mean, stealing things doesn't make you happy. Tourney and victory pizza with the team makes you happy." I said to Jay, I then turned to Carlos. "and you, scratching Dude's belly makes you happy. Who would've thought?" I turned to Mal next, "Decorating lockers and just expressing your art makes you happy, and we can't forget about how Aaron makes you happy." Lastly I turned to Eve. "and Evie... you do not have to play dumb to get a guy. You are so smart. And I don't want to take over the world with evil. It doesn't make me happy. I want to go to school. And be with Ben. Because Ben makes me really happy." I said as I held up my hand which had his ring on it. "Us being friends makes me really happy. Not destroying things. I choose good, you guys." I put my hand I'm the middle of all of us.

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