Book 1: -Chapter Eleven

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Third P.O.V (I'm not going to pause the lyrics and explain 😂😂)

"Ma chere mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.
And now we invite you to relax.
Let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents: your dinner!

Be our guest, be our guest
Put our service to the test
Tie a napkin 'round your neck, Cherie
And we'll provide the rest (that's right)
Soup de jour (uh-huh), hot hors d'oeuvres (come on)
Why, we only live to service (whoo!)
Try the grey stuff, it's delicious (alright)
Don't believe me? Ask the dishes (ask the dishes)

Yeah, they can sing, sing, sing, they can dance, dance, dance.
After all, miss, this is France (uh-huh)
And the dinner here is never, never second best (come on!)
Go on, unfold your menu
Go on, take a glance and then you'll (alright)
Be our guest (hey), be our guest (hey)
Be our guest, yeah
Yeah, come on, yeah
Be our guest, guest, yeah, yeah

--skipping some 😂😂--

We tell jokes (jokes), I do tricks (tricks)
With my fellow candlesticks (fellow candlesticks)
And it's all in perfect taste, that you can bet (you can bet)
Come on and lift your glass
You've won your own free pass
To be our guest (if you're stressed, it's fine dining we suggest)
Be our guest, be our guest,
Be our guest. (Yeah)

Be our guest,
Be our guest!"

Ben had finally got done singing and the villain kids were snacking around the chocolate fountain.

Grace's P.O.V

I laughed as Jay and Carlos tried to drink the chocolate from the fountain. For once I have decided to stray from my dad's colors. Being here has gave me a better sense of style. I decided on a red dress and red heels. Of course I'd still wear my dad's colors... just not together. His colors dont really go together... I mean, I guess he can pull it off but I don't like it.

"Grace!" I heard Ben yell and motion me over to where his family was and where they were taking their picture. I walked over to him, "I wanna introduce you to my parents."

"Ben--" before I could finish he cut me off.

"This is Grace, from the island... my girlfriend." Ben told his parents. I smiled back at them hoping they wouldn't freak out.

"Hi." His Mom greeted me with a semi-fake smile. They was probably shocked that he chose me over Audrey.

"Hi." I greeted back nicely.

"I was thinking, maybe she could join us for lunch..." Ben said as I gave him a look.

"Of course..." his dad, Adam, said. "Any friend of Ben's..." he trailed off not knowing what to say.

"Um, I actually came with my friends." I told them gesturing to us isle kids.

"Well you should invite them... the more the merrier!" Ben's parents said and I gave them a smile and a nod.

"Yeah, I'll go grab them." I said as I started to turn that way.

"Uh, how about a game of croquet before lunch?" Adam asked.

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