Book 1: -Chapter Three

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Sorry I split this part into two chapters, I know this ties in with the last chapter but I'm sorry I wanna make this book a little longer than normal.


Grace's P.O.V

As the limo started driving away Jafar, Evil Queen and Cruella was yelling things for Jay, Evie and Carlos to bring home. As we continued driving Jay and Carlos looked at the candy then looked at each other. I grabbed a red crystal candy before Jay and Carlos tore up the mini candy bar.

Mal was looking out the window with a 'plotting' look on her face, Evie was eating a blue crystal candy thing, and the boys were going crazy over the candy. I simply just looked down at my outfit pleased with what I was wearing.

"You're looking a little washed out, let me help you out." Evie said and tried to start applying makeup to Mal. Mal pushed her hand away.

"Ew, stop. I'm plotting." Mal said and continued looking out the window like she was angry at the world.

"Well it's not very attractive." Evie told her taking a bite of the crystal candy she was eating.

I turned my attention to Carlos when I heard him hit Jay in the chest. "Oh! These! They're salty like nuts but sweet like I don't know what." He told Jay and took another bite.

"Let me see." Jay told him, Carlos opened his mouth and showed him and Jay punched him lightly in the shoulder. He then stole it from his hand and shoved it in his mouth. Carlos started nodding when Jay made some kind of face.

Mal picked up a remote and the black window dividing us and the driver came down. "Look!" Evie yelled and we all looked to see the bridge still is broken off.

"It's a trap!" Carlos yelled, everyone huddled together and started screaming except for me. A bright yellow/gold light shined and we looked out the window to see a bridge from magic.

"What happened?" Carlos asked.

"Magic." I stated and gave them all a smile that was small but still a smile.

"Hey?" Mal said and the limo driver looked through the mirror, "Did this little button just open the magic barrier?" She asked referring to the remote.

"No, this one opens the magic barrier." He said and lifted up a little remote thing. "That one opens my garage. And this button..." he trailed off touching a button on the roof and the window thing raised back up.

"Okay. Nasty. I like that guy." Mal said with a small smirk on her face.


We pulled up to Auradon Prep. The marching band was playing and there are people everywhere. The limo stopped and the door opened and Jay and Carlos fell out. That's when the music had stopped playing.

"Ow! Ah! Ow! Stop!" Carlos yelled as him and Jay fought over some piece of material.

"You got everything else! Why do you want whatever this is?" Carlos asked him as he was still on the ground fighting Jay for something. I quickly hopped out over them and then Evie got out then Mal.

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