Book 2: -Chapter Six

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Double update in a row because I feel bad that I didn't update for a month. I was losing inspiration for this book but I didn't want to be someone who didn't finish the book or put it on hold and never come back to it. So I have decided to just finish it and go back and edit any parts that I hate later. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. I still love all my readers even though I'm not as active as I used to be.


Grace's P.O.V

I fed Ben one of the many food items I made using my magic. The stress of everything was still getting to me and part of me is starting to think that I am stupid for not telling Ben what was really going on in my mind. Of course, I didn't want to lie to him but there are many reasons why I couldn't tell him. I seen my dad a few hours ago after I left Carlos's. I took a few minutes and talked to him about the brother I never knew I had. That confuses me though. How could I not know that I had a brother? Mal and us literally knew everyone and especially since Gaston said that he hangs out with Uma and Uma and her group of isle kids were always out enemy. We never gave them two looks and the fact that my brother was with them to entire time blows my mind.

"This is the best thing I have ever had." Ben told me as he chewed the food. I gave him an accomplished smile. To be honest, I didn't know how magically cooked food would taste.

"So you like it?" I asked softly as I gave him a soft smile.

"I more than like it." Ben said as he stood up and leaned over to get another one.

"Did I surprise you?" I asked as he took a bite out of one of the many foods that was sitting on this tiny table.

"Yeah, you surprised me." Ben told me as he swallowed his food. I gave him a smile, "You made every dish that Mrs. Potts made for my parents." added with a look of admiration. "What did it take you, three days?" He asked.

I gave him, yet another, fake smile. "Don't even ask me." I told him with a joking tone behind my words.

"It means a lot that you stopped and did all this for me." Ben told me causing guilt to bubble up inside of me. "Especially with all the craziness you've been put through." He added as he grabbed my hand.

My gaze locked on out interlocked hands and all the guilt came back up. All I wanted to do was open up to him and tell him every single thing from the stress, to the magic and every little thing. I knew better than that. I knew that it would cause a lot more issues than help in my situation. I don't want Ben to think any different of me and I know that he would be mad about the magic and probably pity me for all the anxiety I have with everyone hounding me with questions and planning.

"I missed you." Ben spoke up causing me to fall out of my trance and look back up at him with a real smile this time. That is something we can both agree on. We haven't got to see each other latetly. He brought his hand up and touched my face ever so gently. "We don't get much time to be just us any more." He added.

"I know." I said sofly as I looked into his eyes to see every emotion of passion and such in them. Which made it harder for me to keep my mouth shut. I reached over and brushed a crumb off the corner of his mouth with my finger.

"Can't take me anywhere.. right?" He joked as we both let out a soft laugh.

"Ah," I laughed as he looked over the table for a moment.

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