Book 1: -Chapter Four

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This is just going to be the night they go to the museum. So I guess it can be skipped or not read if you want it to be.


Grace's P.O.V

I was told by Evie that they wanted to meet in the boys dorm tonight and it's already 10 minutes past the time we are suppose to be there.

"Do I have to remind you what we are all here for?" I heard Mal ask with angry voice.

"Fairy Godmother, blah blah blah, magic wand, blah blah blah." Jay said. I walked in as he was playing a game that was on the tv. I heard Evie laugh at that.

"This is our one chance, to prove ourselves to our parents." Mal told all of us, "to prove that we are evil and vicious and ruthless and cruel. Yeah?"

"Yeah." We all agreed. I went and sat down at the table that was in between the beds and the tv.

"Evie, mirror me." Mal demanded. Evie sat down in the chair next to mine and Mal sat down beside Evie.

"Mirror, mirror on the-in my hand, where is Fairy Godmother's wand... stand?" She asked it, it fogged up then zoomed in really close on the wall. "There it is!"

"Zoom out." Carlos told her in an obvious type of way.

"Magic mirror, not so close." She said in a Lower tone. Then it showed a picture of the world. "Closer." It barely zoomed in. "Closer." It zoomed in way closer but still not enough. "Closer."

"Can I go back to my game now? I'm on level three?" Carlos asked and before anyone could reply Jay shouted "stop!"

"It's in a museum." I stated looking at the sign that the mirror stopped on.

"Do we know where that is?" Mal asked and Carlos started typing on the computer.

"It's about, two point three miles from here." Carlos said.

Mal checked the halls and when they were clear we quickly snuck out and started heading towards the museum.


After a lot of running and walking I felt like I was having trouble breathing. I may be skinny but I'm out of shape.

"Hey, maybe you should check your mirror." I told Evie and Mal nodded agreeing with me.

"Why? Is my mascara smudged?" She asked wanting to make sure she looked perfect.

"Yeah. And while you're at it see if you can find the wand." Mal said sarcastically. I'll admit she could've said it nicer but sometimes you have to be rude to get through to Evie.

"This way." Evie said as she checked her mirror. We continued walking and went to the entrance of the museum to see a security guard sitting at a desk and Mal's Mom spinning wheel. The guy spun around in his chair which made us hide away from the door for a few seconds.

"That's your mothers spinning wheel?" Jay asked while compressing a laugh, which he failed at.

"Yeah, kinda dorky." Carlos added as him and Jay laughed some more.

"It's magic. It doesn't have to look scary." Mal told Jay and them with a slight eye roll that no one seen but me. "Magic spindle do not linger, make my victim prick a finger." Mal read from her mom's spell book.

"Impressive." Jay told her sarcastically while Carlos said "I got chills."

"Okay. You know what?" Mal asked then looked back down at the book. "Prick the finger, prick it deep. Send my enemy off to sleep." As she said the the guard got up, stuck his finger on the wheel and jerked his hand back and yawned then sat down on the floor and fell asleep.

"Not so dorky now, huh." I taunted the two boys who made fun of Maleficent's spinning wheel.

We tried to get in but it was locked which caused us to sign. "Stand back." Jay told all of us. He backed up but Mal turned the page on her spell book. "Make it easy, make it quick, open up without a kick." The doors went flying open.

The door flew open as Jay ran, with a scream might I add, and tried to kick the door open but since it was already open he landed on the floor. Us girls laughed and walked in as Jay was still on the floor.

"Coming?" Mal asked him as she laughed. Evie and I followed her as Carlos waits on Jay.

"So close!" Evie said as we started running through the museum. "Upstairs!" She whispered and Mal pointed upstairs and kept telling us to go. "Come on guys, almost there."

We stopped at a place that had all of our parents in there. All the villains. "Mommy?" Evie said as she looked at the Evil Queen's statue.

"Killer." Jay said looking at Jarfar's statue, "I will never forget Mother's Day again." Carlos added while looking at his Mom. "Daddy, I mean uh- Gaston?" I said while looking at my dad.

"Well the wands not here. Let's bounce!" Jay said and started jogging his way out of the room. All of us followed him except for Mal. After a few minutes of Mal not being with us Evie and I seen her still looking at her mom.

"Mal, come on." Evie and I said and ran back to where the boys were knowing she'll catch up.

After a lot of looking Evie and I found the room the wand was in. Technically Evie said I found it but we're both taking credit because we looked together.

"We need to go get Mal." I told Evie. She agreed and she and I ran back to the room Mal never came out of. "Hey, we found the wand. Let's go." Evie and I both said as we ran back with Mal following closely behind us.

"Here it is." Evie said as we all looked down where it was.

"Whoo!" Jay yelled excited that we found it. We all ran down to the place and level it was at but Jay had the alarm going off before I could even see it. We ran out.

When Evie, Mal and I were outside Carlos was still inside. "Carlos!" I whisper yelled.

"You're welcome." He told us as he walked out. We quickly started running back to our dorms.

"Way to go, Jay. Now we have to go to school tomorrow." Mal complained as we continued running back to our dorms.

What an eventful night.


What she changed into after she got back from the museum *in case it didn't show up at the top*:

What she changed into after she got back from the museum *in case it didn't show up at the top*:

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