Book 2: Author's Note: Two - Gc info. (No more)

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No one understands how mad I am at myself and Snapchat.

If you read my Gc Author's note then you know that I wanted to start a gc. Well, when my snap was down (it was like Monday or something) and I was logged out of the one I made for my readers and us only.

Now I can't log back in. I've talked to Snapchat and they told me to reset my password and I have and it still doesn't work. So I'm sorry. I have messages about people wanting to be added and I can't even log back in.

As soon as the problem gets fixed I will let you know. But as of right now... we have no gc.

But at least the good news is I'll have the next chapter up in a few days 🙂🙂 sorry I've just been so busy (with school and such) and upsets with snap so...

Hopefully everything will get sorted out.

Thanks for understanding

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