Book 1: -Chapter Ten

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Grace's P.O.V

"Children, excuse me." Fairy GodMother started as I finally sighed and put my drawing to the side. "Um, as you know, uh-this Sunday is family day... here at Auradon prep." She stated and I rolled my eyes. "And because your parents can't be here due to.... Distance, we've arranged a special treat." She then turned on the tv monitor that she was standing in front of.

"I don't see anything, nor do I hear." Maleficent said as she was all up in the camera.

"Kids!" Fairy Godmother urged as she motioned is up to the front of the class.

"Is it... is it... is..." they struggled out trying to turn the thing on. I rolled my eyes again with a sigh. After a few more minutes it finally started working on their end because everyone started greeting their kids except my dad.

My dad showed up for a second, he saw me and gave me a knowing look then left. Since I was standing in the back I snuck out without anyone wondering where I was. I didn't want to see my dad or even the Queen of hearts for instance. I'm just sick of the isle of the lost... I'm done with all of the crap we dealt with over there. I love it over here and I'm done being my dad's slave or working for my dad! I wanna be my own person.


Later that night we were all gathered in the guys room. They wanted to come up with a plan to still the wand. "Okay, we all know what it looks like. So it'll be up there on the Dias under the beasts spell jar, and we'll be coming in from here." Mal pointed to the entrance. "Grace will be in the very front. We'll be up in the balcony."

"Carlos?" I asked wanting to know what his part of the plan was.

"Okay, so I'll find our limo, so we can break the barrier, and get back on the island with the wand." He said as I nodded. Of course I'm gonna miss this place but I guess I have to go with my people.

"Perfect. Evie?" Mal asked.

"Yeah." She replied looking up.

"You will use this," she said holding up a bottle of some kind of liquid. "To take out the driver. Two sprays and he'll be out like a light."

"Okay." Evie agreed and put the spray in her purse.

I grabbed Mal's book and looked for a spell to undo the love spell. I don't want Ben to be in love with me when everything goes down... "G? You wanna break Ben's love spell?" Evie asked me.

I gave her a sad smile, "yeah. You know, for after... I've just been thinking... you know. When the Villains finally do invade Auradon, me begin to loot and kick everyone out of their castle and imprison their leaders and destroy all that is good and beautiful, Ben being in love with me just seems a little extra.... cruel." I told her as everyone listened. I told Mal what spell I wanted and asked her to fix it for me. I felt to bad to go make some sweet treats tonight.

I told everyone goodbyes and walked to my dorm. I hate having to leave everything. I love my life here. I sighed walking into my dorm... I grabbed a bag to hold some of my least important things.

'A million thoughts
In my head
Should I let my heart
Keep listening.' I sang as I stuffed some of my things back into my bag that I got from somewhere here.

'I know,
It's time
To say goodbye
So hard to let go.' I sang as a tear fell down my cheek. It's the first real tears I've ever cried in a long time. I zipped up the now full bag and put it beside the stairs beside my bed.

After finally forgetting about everything I fell asleep.


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