Book 2: -Chapter Seven

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Hello, beautiful people! I know that this chapter was long awaited and I'm so sorry. Like I said in the other chapter, I was losing inspiration but I'm gonna keep pushing through. I wasn't gonna continue this and I was just gonna delete the book and all my past works but I am dedicated to finish it and then go back and edit to make it better. But I have gotten a few messages that was not very nice. On insta and things like that so that's why it took me so long to write, I'm sorry that it takes me a while to update but this is like a side job 😂😂😂 but anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter.

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Grace's P.O.V

I kept driving my scooter through the Isle as people kept moving out of the way. Of course they couldn't see who I was yet because of my helmet but I'm sure they have a clue. I finally came to a hault as turned towards the wall, only to see a picture of me and Ben with an 'x' over my face and the words "good girl" written on my dress. On the poster, Ben had an eye patch and a beard drawn on him. I rolled my eyes at how 'classy' the people are here still were. I started driving my scooter again before pulling into the empty space behind the door that I wanted to go in. I picked up a rock and threw it at the sign and the cage like door lifted up and I walked up the loft.

"This just won't do." I mumbled to myself as I looked into a shattered mirror. My solid black hair and my outfit. My outfit could stay the same but if I wanted to change everything I need my hair colored. "Maybe Dizzy can help me."

I made my way to the place on the isle where it was located, I made sure to keep my head down and stay away from anyone who might tell Uma about me. I needed to make my appearance as dramatic as possible, seeing as they all hated me here. But I mean, I've always been the odd one out. I always wanted away from here, until it actually became to much to handle at Auradon.

I arrived at "Lady Tremaine's curl up and dye" which had a sign on the door that said, closed until midnight. I walked in hoping that dizzy would be in. I knew that she always did Evie's hair and she always was a friendly little girl.

"Oh my gosh!" Dizzy gasped as she let the broom fall that she was sweeping with. "Grace! You're back. Is Evie with you?" She asked as she hugged me. I lightly smiled and gave her a pat on the back before she unattached.

"No, it's just me." I told her as I looked around the place. "Nothing has changed from how I remember it." I added as I shuttered at the picture of Lucifer on the wall. I always hated that cat. "I'm sorry to just barge in, I forgot you didn't open until midnight."

"That's okay!" She said enthusiastically. "I'm just happy that you came back. I mean, I wish Evie would have came with you but at least one of you did." My heart swelled at her excitement for being back. She was always someone who never should have been here. She had a good heart, she just couldn't help what family she came from.

"So, has your grandmother gave you any costumers yet?" I asked as I eyes all the colors and stuff that were making and bubbling.

"Ah," She shrugged. "Just a witch here and there. It's mainly scrubbing, sweeping, and cleaning." She then picked up the broom and laid it against the wall.

"The Cinderella treatment?" I scoffed as she nodded her little head.

"Yeah, she went from wicked step-mother to wicked grandmother." She told me.

"Not much of a switch." I told the younger girl and she nodded. "But uh, I remember when you used to do Evie's hair...." I trailed off.

She nodded excitedly, "Yeah, I thought of the little braids!" She exclaimed as I gave her a smile.

I nodded, "got any ideas for me?" I asked as I quirked up and eyebrow.

She studied my face structure for a moment before coming closer and picking up my hair. "Really? Short and all black hair? You can't even tell you were from here!" She exclaimed as she sat me down on one of the salon chairs before looking at my nails. "What is this? Bored to death pink?" She asked as I laughed a little as well. "How bad can I go?"

I hummed pretending to think, "Do your worst. As long as I still look a small bit like me... maybe way worse though."

She gave me a wicked grin that still held an innocent meaning. She started doing my hair, she started with dying it but she wouldn't let me see what color she picked. Then she made me wait for the dye and she cleaned my old nail polish off my nails. She washed my hair and then added something else before grabbing a whole container of nail polish and picking out black, dark red, and dark blue. She then rinsed my hair again before putting the curlers in and clipping my hair to them. She put me under the hair dryer so my hair would dry in loose curls as she painted my nails black.

After my nails were done she put my hand in a hand dryer and went and got the dyed extension that she would sow into my hair permanently. After she dried them, she took my back to the original chair and took the curls out and sewed in my extensions. She finished and told me I could look.

I heard towards the broken mirror and smiled on victory. "I look amazing. A new and improved grace." My hair was red at the top and yellow at the bottom. Where the two colors met was a color of orange.

I pulled money out of my pocket and handed it to Dizzy. "For me?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "You earned it." I said as Dizzy skipped towards the cash register before she was stopped by the pirate that is well known, Henry Hook.

"Fork it over," He told her as she handed her the money that I just gave her. He then beat on the counter, "and the rest of it." She opened the cash register and gave him what little was in there. "Thank you." He said as he turned and started to leave.

"Still running errands for Uma or do you actually get to keep what you steal?" I asked as I plastered a smirk on my face as he turned around and looked at me.

"Well, well, Well, what a nice surprise." Harry said as he walked closer towards me.

"hi Harry." I bluntly said as I leaned to one of my leg.

"Just wait until Uma hears you're back." Harry said as he got close to me. "She is never going to give you back your gang's territory."

"Oh, Well, that's okay... because I will be taking it." I told him without flinching or anything. I knew that they wasn't used to me being so confident in my actions and such.

"I remember how afraid you used to be of us... do you really think she'll, we'll believe you?" Harry said as he leaned closer to my face.

"Just watch me." I said as I narrowed my eyes into a glare.

He looked at me in shock for a second before covering it up with a smirk, "Just rem-" he started as he put him Hook on my hair. I grabbed his hook and pushed it away from me.

"You can't do anything to me... not without her permission I bet." I said as I dropped my glare and smirked towards him.

He gave me a look before he turned around and left, not before he knocked a bunch of stuff off Dizzy's counter and bowed before leaving.

Great. Now Uma's gonna know that I am here.


Sorry for another note but I'm sorry that it was short. NOT EDITED

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