Book 2: -Chapter Eight

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How crazy? I actually updated before a month 😂😂 anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter. Sorry if it's short in advance. Also, I know it's been like 3 weeks but I will be done with this school year next week so I should be updating more and finishing the book soon! 


Grace's P.O.V

Ever since I got back from Lady Tremaine's, I have been channeling my anger, confusion, hurt, and just all of my emotions into a sense of creativity. The walls were covered in spray paint and everything was changing. I could no longer be a part of Auradon, I always thought that I should have been born and raised in the kingdom. Everyone over here always talked about how different I was and how I never belonged over here. I believed them until I started living the royal life and my views changed. I realized that I always took this place for granted, no one expects you to be perfect here. You can be as bad or as imperfect as you want and no one judges you, they might try to steal from you but at least they don't expect you to be perfect. 

"At least I don't see a picture of me with horns and a pitch fork." I heard the voice that I longed to hear, but did not want to at he same time. My breathing hitched as I stopped what I was doing and turned to face him. 

"Ben," I started as I pushed the tears back that wanted to come up. I was not going to let my emotions get the best of me during this time. I needed to stay strong so I could show people what I really needed. I watched Ben carefully as he started walking towards me, before he got any closer I held my hands up to prevent him from getting closer. 

"Grace, I'm sorry about our fight." He said as I looked in his eyes and seen nothing but sadness and regret. "It's all my fault." He added as I looked down at my shoes before looking back up. "Please come home." He finished as he held his ring out towards me. 

I walked down the step that I was standing on, "Ben, I am home." I told him as I stopped a few feet away from him. "I didn't realize it until everything happened in Auradon, but that was just setting me up to know that I belong here." I told him as I blinked a few times to clear my eyes.

"Well, uh, I brought the limo." He said as he mustered up a fake smile, "it's a sweet ride." 

"I don't fit in Ben." I told him as I shook my head, I noticed some of my hair had fallen in front of my face so I brushed it out of my face. "I always sat over here thinking that I didn't belong here and that I should have been born and raised in Auradon but after living over there, I see that I was wrong. I don't belong over there because I can't handle it." I told him as I admitted everything to him. "If you think that I can change everything, then I think you're wrong." 

"Then I can change." He said as he gave me a small sad smile. "I'll skip school, have more fun, you know what-I'll blow off some of my responsibilities." 

"No," I cut Ben off. "No, I didn't even realize it but it seems to me like I am such a terrible influence." I told him as I gave him a look. "It seems to me like it will not be long before I go and do something so terrible that not only does the kingdom turn its back on me but it turns its back on you!" I exclaimed. I didn't mean to raise my voice but he was not giving up and I needed him to get back to Auradon safely. 

"Don't quit us, Grace." Ben said as he lifted my hand up and opened my palm. He then placed his ring in the palm of my hand. "The people love you." He told me as he looked down at my hand and the ring. "I love you." He added as he lifted his head and looked at me.

My breathe hitched as I looked at him, of course I loved him too. We had said it to each other once before, only one time though. We didn't discuss it, we just acted like nothing was happening and we acted like it never happened. I closed my eyes shut tightly as I tried to stop my real feelings from showing. 

"Don't you love me?" Ben asked as I was hesitating so long. I looked at his face, the words were on the tip of my tongue. I wanted to tell him how I felt, I wanted to tell him that I loved him. I couldn't though. If I told him how I really felt then he would not give up and he would not go back home and be safe. 

I looked down at his ring, breaking our eye contact, I picked it up and smiled at it. Before quickly wiping the smile off my face, I picked up his hand and laid his ring down in his palm. I closed his fingers around it before shoving his hand back to his body. 

"I have to take myself out of the picture, it's what's best for you and it's what's best for Auradon." I told him in a whisper as the tears were making my eyes blurry and my throat was burning with bit back sobs. 

"Grace," Ben started he started to move closer but I stepped back and stopped him from coming closer to me. 

"Stop." I told him as he listened to me. That was one of the main reasons that I always loved him, he respected me and never did anything that I didn't want him too. "I can't do this." I told him as I backed up and walked back to my work space and continued doing what I was previously. "You should go Ben," I told him as I am sure that he could hear the strain in my voice from holding back my cries and sobs. "Ben, please go. Please leave.." 

I watched as Ben walked out of the room and broke down. How could I have ruined everything in such little time. Everything is so bad and it's only to get worse. I remember a quote in Auradon, it was in a book and it said "If you love something/someone set it/them free." and that's what I am doing. 

I just want him to be happy and I know that he would be happier without me. 


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