Book 1: -Chapter Twelve

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Grace's P.O.V

We were sitting at a picnic table by ourselves because of what just happened. If Chad wouldn't be a complete jerk none of this would've happened.

"Hey, guys." He greets. None of us greeted back. "How is everyone?" He asked trying to get one of us to talk. We didn't. "Yeah? Okay. Hey, listen. Forget about it, alright?" He tried to make us feel better but nothing could at this moment. "It was nothing. Forget about it, let it go. Tomorrow, after the coronation, I promise everything will be okay." He tried to reassure us but we all knew he was lying. I sighed. He then bent down, "I have to go." He whispered in my ear and I slightly nodded. "I'll see you guys later."

He walked off and Doug came over to try to talk to Evie, "Listen, Evie, I wanna talk about earlier today. I just--" Doug got cut off by Chad yelling his name.

"It's my fault. Doug. I'm sorry." Evie apologized.

"No, it's mine--" he got cut off again which made me scoff and roll my eyes. "What?" He asked.

"Doug..." Evie trailed off with hope in her eyes, hope that he'd stray from his royalty friends.

"I'm sorry, I can't." Doug said I rolled my eyes at that.

I have Evie a small smile until I heard Audrey and Jane. "How long does she think that gonna last?" They laughed

"Grace is just the bad Girl infatuation." They said.

"Yeah. I mean, he's never gonna make a villain a queen." Jane said bending down and basically saying it straight to me.

I closed my eyes as tears came to the surface. Sometimes they are just as evil as our families.

"Beware, forswear, undo Jane's hair." Mal said as she done the hand motions and read from the book.

"Ew!" I heard the group gasp as Jane's hair changed.

Mal stood up, "there's a lot more where that came from." She said to the group of snooty royalty behind us.

Audrey laughed, almost like Mal was joking. "Excuse me, who do you think you are?" She asked as she laughed.

Mal gave her a slight glare-look, "Do I look like I'm kidding?" She told them. They all turned from smirks to fright and ran off.

I couldn't help laugh as all of the group ran off afraid of what might happen. Mal turned to is with her evils glint back in her eye. "I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Let's grab that wand and blow this popsicle stand."

With that we all got up and started walking towards the boys dorm so we could go over our plan one more time. One final time before evil takes over...


I finally updated! But I'm sorry it's semi-short. I just wanted to coronation to be a separate chapter. Also, sorry for any mistakes. Once I'm finished with this book I will go back and edit!

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