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Hot and Cold Do Mix (Descendants Fanfic) by MegaDarkcri
Hot and Cold Do Mix (Descendants Grouchy
Hattie is the child of Hades, born out of an affair while Hades was with Maleficent, Hattie is the same age as Mal but Mal is seven months older than Hattie. Want to kno...
Bad Beauty (Dark Fairy Tales Queens - Book 4) by AnitaValle
Bad Beauty (Dark Fairy Tales Anita Valle
Three years under a sleeping curse. Unbelievable. Woke up to a ruined kingdom, a ruined life. I know exactly who did this. And I will rip out her hair by the roots. Now...
Beauty And The Beast (Male Belle X Reader) by PetraGirlPsych
Beauty And The Beast (Male Belle Rehoboth Matthew
[Y/n] has been deprived of her brother's love from the minute she was born. It only got worse when their parents died. The only form of love she ever knew was that from...
Happily ever after? **Discontinued** by Jarkzey
Happily ever after? ** Jarkzey
I saw a figure in a white cloak standing near the forest. 'Who is that' I thought as anxiety flooded my entire body. I let out a small gasp, only one that Ben and I coul...
So Hard To Let Go : Descendants Bal by ttoliveiaa
So Hard To Let Go : Descendants Balby ttoliveiaa
What will happen after the coronation? Follow the story of Ben and Mal as they grow up and face some difficulties. (Very cringe. I wrote this when I was 12)
Descendants 2: Queen's Coronation by YukiCarat
Descendants 2: Queen's Coronationby Yuki
This is a story about the movie, Disney Descendants. There was a ball hosted by Cinderella to find the rightful queen. Mal has decided to tell Ben the truth about the lo...
Mal and Ben Family by Lilly_Giro
Mal and Ben Familyby Lilly_Giro
Ben and Mal just got married. And now they start a family How does mal deal with being queen and becomig a mom. I don't own the descendants characters
The Lost Prince by Frostbite43
The Lost Princeby Artemis47
The younger brother of Ben and second son of Beauty and the Beast was kidnapped before his first birthday and raised on the Isle of the Lost along with the rest of the v...
The Truth by M4rv31_DC
The Truthby M4rv31_DC
What if the core four came to Auradon with injuries and mental disorders? A more realistic look at how the VK's would have been treated by their parents.
Royals by I_Ship_Jal
Royalsby Certified Fangirl
Jay and Evie are only 13 years old, when Beast, Ben's father, plucks them from the Isle of the Lost to bring to Auradon. Beast didn't just take them from the Isle, he to...
A Whole New World (Jay x reader) by RebelMeadow16
A Whole New World (Jay x reader)by RebelMeadow16
You are Aladdin & Jasmine's 16 year old daughter. One day, you & Ben invite 4 VKs to Auradon and you met a son of Jafar. NOTED: I do NOT own "Descendants" 1-3...
SMG4 Girls X Male Reader (Harem) by Chomper384
SMG4 Girls X Male Reader (Harem)by Chomper 384
Another Harem guys. thanks for 300 followers.
Adopted by Belle and Adam (Descendants 1) by suga_ouran_academy
Adopted by Belle and Adam ( (°*suga*°)
A 16-year-old girl named (Y/N) gets adopted by king Adam and Queen Belle. You may think this is an escape from the orphanage and the brats in there. But no, what if a sp...
Descendants: The Lost Prince by Bodineaf
Descendants: The Lost Princeby Bodineaf
The land of Auradon is at peace with the vilians on the isle, and the King and Queen celebrating the birth of their second son. A new Prince for the kingdome to love and...
Heartbreak Hotel by I_Ship_Jal
Heartbreak Hotelby Certified Fangirl
When Ben breaks Mal's heart and decides to date Audrey again after Audrey somehow managed to get Ben back. Mal refuses to cry about this, but it doesn't work. Ben knows...
Beauty and the Bookworm by thelittleblackghost
Beauty and the Bookwormby Boo!
Male Belle x Female Reader (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color I OWN NOTHING!!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY!!!
Truth Or Fiction by Ginnyrules27
Truth Or Fictionby Ginnyrules27
The Fates have had it. They're tired of cutting all the life threads of the denizens of the Isle while Auradon seems to be unaware of the issue. While they're not suppos...
Office Party Orgy by InsanelyGoodFics
Office Party Orgyby I.N. Sane
A group of friends decide to surprise their co-worker for her birthday and it becomes a wild night for sure where they explore all their desires and pamper the birthday...
The Enemy's Daughter  by LoveTheNerd
The Enemy's Daughter by LoveTheNerd
Gabby is the daughter of Gaston. Prince Ben, son of Beast and Belle, allows five villain kids to come to Auradon. Gabby is one of the VK's. Will Gabby and Ben beat the o...
They Say I'm Evil |Jay x Reader| by mj_chans
They Say I'm Evil |Jay x Reader|by MJ
The Isle of the Lost was home to every villain and sidekick known to mankind and to ensure that they stayed a giant magical barrier was placed around, keeping them in an...