Book 1: -Prologue

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The beginning is normally narrated by Mal in the movie... but for the sake of my book it's going to be narrated by Grace. I just wanted to say that.


All rights go to Disney and whoever else! I do not own Disney's Descendants... I only own Grace and her plot line that I make up along the way.


"Once upon a time, long, long ago, well, more like 20 years ago, Belle married her beast in front of 6,000 of their closest, personal friends. Big cake. Yeah, so instead of a honeymoon beast united all the kingdoms and got himself elected king of the United States of Auradon. He rounded up all the villains and sidekicks basically all the really interesting people and he booted them off to the Isle of the Lost with a magical barrier to keep them there. This is my hood, no magic, no wifi, no way out. Or so I thought...Hang on, you're about to meet us. But first... this happened..."

Present day Auradon.
Ben is getting measured.

Prince Benjamin, also known as Ben, was staring out the window looking at the Isle of the Lost when the guy who was doing his measurements turned his head around. "Sleeve, Head. Aha"

Ben's parents, Queen Belle and King Beast, or King Adam, started walking in. "How is it possible that you're going to be crowned king next month? You're just a baby." King Beast said to his son who was waiting to tell them about his first proclamation as King.

"He's turning 16, dear." Queen Belle told her husband with a smile and a light pat on his chest.

"Hey pops," Ben greeted wanting to start talking about his plan but his dad continued on not listening or catching on that his son wanted to talk.

"16? That's far too young to be crowned king. I didn't make a good decision until I was at least 42." He told his son who was listening to him and not saying anything.

Belle stopped beside her husband holding a jacket that belonged to Ben, "uh, you decided to marry me at 28." She told him with a scoff.

"It was either you or a teapot." King Beast told his wife while sending a wink his son's way. When he seen the look Queen Belle gave him he quickly said, "kidding." While Ben lightly chuckled at his parents.

When his parents were officially done talking, at least for that moment, he was quick to speak up before he let his nerves get the best of him and make him back down. "Mom, dad..." he started and tried to step down from the stool he was on. The measuring guy made a noise that "ah! Nm-nnhn." So he stopped moving and stayed on the stool.

"I've chosen my first official proclamation," he started. His parents looked at each other with happiness in there eyes knowing that they done something right. They were proud that he already has a proclamation. "I've decided that the children on the isle of the lost be given a chance... to live here in Auradon." When he finished his parents were shocked. His mom dropped the jacket she was holding and her mouth hung open slightly and his dad just stared at him with disapproving eyes.

"Every time I look out at the island I feel like they've been abandoned." He continued stepping off the stool and heading to stand in front of his parents.

"The children of our sworn enemies? Living among us?" His father asked not believing what he had just announced. He didn't expect that from his son, not now or ever.

"We start out with a few at first," he stated. "Only the ones that need our help the most... I've already chosen them." His Mom was nodding not as against the idea as his dad was. But his dad was the one that booted them there.

"Have you?" His dad asked, Ben could tell by his voice that he was slightly angry or upset but he didn't say anything. Before he could say anything else Belle touched his arm.

"I gave you a second chance." She told her husband. Beast stopped and didn't say anything. She then turned to Ben. "Who're their parents?"

He nervously looked at them, "Cruella DeVil... Jafar... Evil Queen... Gaston... and Maleficent."

"Ah!" The measurement guy gasped when he heard Maleficent's name and Gaston's. Of course Gaston wasn't even that bad compared to others but he had a past with Belle and Beast. A bad one at that.

"Maleficent!? She's the worst villain in the land!" He yelled getting angry that his son would even suggest having her kid come over to the land of goodness. "And Gaston!? You know your families past with him!"

"Dad, just hear me out here..." Ben trailed off but his dad cut him off in an angry manner.

"I won't hear of it! They are guilty of unspeakable crimes!" His father yelled not even wanting to talk about this topic. But Ben wasn't gonna let his first Proclamation get defeated.

"Dad, their children are innocent." He told his dad looking straight at him, "don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life?" He asked his father... "dad?"

Belle just stood watching her two favorite boys talk about this. Beast then looked at her, her husband could see the hope glistening in this women's eye. A hope that his first proclamation isn't wrong, "I suppose their children are innocent." He sighed out. Realizing he was judging the kids without even knowing them. He then turned to leave.

Belle stepped in front of her teenage boy, "Well. Well done." She told him while fixing his suit. Ben then have his mom and thankful smile which he returned.

His mom turned and walked back towards his dad. "Shall we?" She asked as she slipped her hand through his arm and they walked out of the room.

Ben couldn't help but turn around and look out towards the island. Soon he'll have five kids in Auradon that no one will ever suspect.

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