Book 2: -Chapter One

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Grace's P.O.V

"I'll be back tomorrow, same time." I told my dad as I stood up from my chair. I walked out of the cellar like shed and walked back towards the school. Ben's probably wondering where I am.

No, I haven't told Ben about helping my dad. If I did, he'd want to come with me and that would make all of this worse. It had to be me, and only me.

As I reached the school I went straight to my locker and put my goodness 101 lesson in the back so no one could see them.

"Hey you." I jumped as Ben leaned against my locker. I sent him a smile, which might have looked forced. "I didn't mean to scare you." He chuckled.

"It's fine. I just need to get to class." I started but before I could he stopped me.

He had a serious look on his, which kinda scared me a little bit. "A package came for you. At the castle, it doesn't say who it's from. It's waiting in your room when you get there."

I gave him a confused look, "really? That's strange." He didn't say anything just nodded "I should probably get to class."

"About class, you have the day off." Ben told me, I gave him a look with a slight glare of confusion. "You've been so stressed lately and I wanted to give you a slight break. Even if it is one day."

I gave him a huge smile, "thank you. It means so much to me." I said as I pulled him into a hug. This is why I like him. He's so sweet and caring.

"You're welcome. Now go back to the castle and rest." I hugged him and made my way to the castle. Heading straight into my room, trying to make sure I didn't run into Belle or Adam.

I sighed throwing my bag to the side, I'm so stressed out. We got the cotillion coming up and everything is just so busy. My eyes landed on the box that Ben was talking about.

It was laying on my bed, untouched and perfectly wrapped. The brown paper was different than what people use here in Auradon. I picked it up and studied it.

Who could this be from? More importantly, who?

Hesitantly, I stared to unwrap the paper. Not knowing what could be in here was the scary part for me. The heart name Tag just had my name on it and nothing else.

Laying in top of the gift, after I unwrapped it was a letter.

I guess you've decided that you like it there in Auradon. I guess by now you know that Maleficent and Gaston went to ruin any chance of happiness you had. But this is beside that point. Included in this gift I have three things. A necklace, A book, and a heart. Do me a favor, pick up the heart for a moment.

I looked at the letter confused before I finished, I laid the half read letter down and picked up the heart that was laying in the box. I picked it up and nothing happened. What is with his weird letter?

Right when I went to pick the letter up, I felt something like a shocking sensation take over my body. I gasped and dropped the heart on the bed. I quickly picked up the letter.

If you picked up the heart, you should've felt a weird sensation all over your body. Kinda like a shock. With that you now have magic. I got this magic from my last husband, he was a wizard. He left the magic for me before he died but I wanted you to have it. The book I included is a spell book, black magic and good magic. Be careful, I don't want you to fall back into bad habits, but I do want you to have help in Auradon. The necklace I have included has some extra magic in it, it's stronger magic than what was in the heart though.

I hope you enjoyed your gift.

A friend.

I put the letter back in the box. So all the sudden I have magic? That doesn't just happen. Who is the world sent this to me? I didn't have any friends on the island... unless it's a joke between Uma and Harry or something.

Maybe magic won't be to bad. Maybe I can use it to make my life easier. I glanced down at the spell book, a smirk making its way on to my face.

"Maybe I can have some fun with this." I said in a whisper tone.

What could go wrong?


Can I start off by saying sorry? I know no excuse is good for not updating when I promised but I've been busy with school, sports, and working on my first original book.
But the first chapter of the second book.

What do you think about it? I really hope you like it. I started writing it last Sunday but I didn't finish until now.

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