Book 1: -Chapter Nine

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Grace's P.O.V

"Tell me something about yourself that you've never told anyone." Ben told me as we were walking and coming up to a long bridge. This place is beautiful.

"Um, my middle name, is Zuma..." I trailed off not knowing why I had to tell him that... but that was something no one knew about me.

"Zuma?" Ben asked in disbelief but amusement was playing in his eyes.

"Yeah, just my dad doing what he does best... ruining people's lives." I stated as we stopped in the middle of the bridge just to look at the surroundings and nature. "Grace Zuma." I shook my head at that.

"Mine's Florian." Ben spoke up as I turned my head towards him.

"Florian?" I questioned with a small smirk on my face and he nodded, mumbling a quick 'yeah.' I gave him a smile, "how princely." I stated. "How that's almost worse." I laughed.

"I mean, you know, it's still better than Zuma." Ben told me as we continued walking on the bridge again.

"But its till not great." I laughed as we got off the bridge and continued walking.


"Watch your foot." Ben told me. He had me to close my eyes because he wanted to surprise me with where ever he planned this date. "Are you good?" He added

"Mhm." I mumbled with a nod.

"Now, step up. There you go." He said as he helped me step up. "You ready?"

I nodded, I was really eager to see what he had planned for us. "Open." He told me. I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped at how beautiful the scene in front of me was... it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. "Go on." He urged as we walked to the gazebo thing.


"Is this your first time?" He asked me as I bit into my jelly filled goodness. I chewed and swallowed then out my food down for a second.

"Uh... we don't really date much on the island... it's more like... gang activity." I told him as he shook his head and laughed lightly,

"Um, I meant, is this your first time eating a jelly donut?" He asked you and you looked at him for a second.

"Is it bad?" I asked him as he looked at me in amusement.

"You got a..." he started and tried to point it out, "just a..." he tried to get it off with his finger but he acted like he was afraid to touch me... like I'd break or freak out. "I mean, yeah, do this." He added and he licked his lips and I mimicked him.

"Gone?" I asked after I got done doing what he said. He nodded, "can't take me anywhere I guess.." I added.

"You know, I've done all the talking. Your turn. I really don't know much about you. Tell me something." He told me as he looked into my eyes.

I ended up breaking the eye contact, "well, I'm 16. I'm an only child. And I've only ever lived in one place." I told him.

"Me too. That... we have so much in common already." Ben told me and I gave him a small smile and shook my head.

"No. Trust me, we do not." I told him and he looked at me confused but I avoided eye contact and changed the subject. "And now you're gonna be king."

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