Book 1: Last Author's Note of book 1

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So, guys. I have decided I am gonna do the plot of the 2nd movie. It's what most of you guys want and I want to make my readers happy. Plus, I didn't care which way you all wanted to write it, I just wanted to know.

Since I'm doing "part 2" of this book like the 2nd movie. I decided since I already have the plot figured out (and my own plot I wanna add) I'll go ahead and release the "sneak peek" In a few days.

When I release the sneak peek, there will be a trailer (that one of my friends made) and a book cover sort of things but it'll be connected to this book.

So even though Book 1 is complete I will not mark it as complete since Book 2 is just gonna be added to this book.

I also wanted to clear one more thing up.

I am going to add chapters after the book 2 is finished. I'm talking about once the 2nd movie is over. I know that there might be a 3rd movie but I'm just going to tie up my story. I
Don't wanna put this book on hold for a year or two, or even make a third book once the 3rd movie comes out (if it does). So please understand me and don't hate lol.

I forgot to mentioned one more tiny thing.

I got a message on my personal Instagram account, (idk how y'all found me... but please don't follow my personal account. That's only for my school friends... I wanna connect with my online friends a completely different way 😂😂 does that make sense?) a person said (not saying names) that someone told them that it was stupid to make fan art. I told her it was fine if she did. She sent it to me and it was cool. I may even put it in my story (with her permission first).

But if you guys make fan art/book trailers or even want too then go ahead. I love seeing what readers can come up with. Most of the time, readers have a more creative mind than the author (not trying to offend anyone. I just mean if you read it your mind can make up stuff too) so if you want to go ahead. You can send them to me on my Instagram or here.

But I'll finally announce the Face-Claim in the 2nd book. I decoded on Camila Mendes... idk why I just did. I watched both of the Beauty and the Beast movies (original & 2017) and I just had her in mind for Gaston's daughter. But, anyway...

I just wanted to address the issue. You don't have to make anything. I just want you all to feel free to do whatever you want (as long as it's not copyright)

But the 2nd part to this book will be up soon!

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