Book 1: -Chapter Two

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I'm pretty sure the day they leave if the same day but we're gonna pretend like it's two different days!


Grace's P.O.V

"You will go. You will find the Fairy Godmother and you will bring back the magic wand. Easy peasy." Maleficent told Mal but we were all listening since we were behind her.

"What's in it for us?" Mal asked her Mom who just looked at her with a small smile and got up.

"Matching thrones. Hers-and-hers crowns." Maleficent replied to Mal. Well geez, she's not even thinking about us and Mal wouldn't be able to do it by herself.

"Um, I... I think she meant us." Carlos spoke up making a motion with his fiber between the five of us and Mal nodded.

"It's all about you and me baby." She told Mal which caused me to roll my eyes, this is just completely stupid. "Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer?" She asked Mal.

Mal looked at her Mom, "well, yeah. I mean... who doesn't?" She offered the questions for any objections but no one did.

"Well, then get me the wand and you and I can see all that and so much more. And with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bond both good and evil to my will!" She shouted the last bit of her speech or lecture of whatever you wanna call this meeting.

"Our will." Evie's Mom the Evil Queen corrected Mal's Mom.

"Our will, our will." Maleficent, fakely *if I do say so myself*, corrected herself. She then snapped her fingers and turned back to Mal. "And if you refuse, you're grounded for the rest of your lives, Missy."

I rolled my eyes, she doesn't have control over us. Especially with no magic. She may be something big and scary with magic, but without she's nothing but a wannabe evil queen.

"What?.... Mom!..." Mal started complaining but her mom acted like she was squishing her lips together to make her stop complaining. They started doing the stare down thing. Where their eyes glow green and they have like a stare down and whoever backs down first loses.

They went at it for a few minutes before Mal had to quit because she couldn't handle it. "Fine. Whatever." Mal finally sighed giving up. I kind of felt bad for her.

"I win." Maleficent said because she knew it was gonna happen anyway.

"Evie!" Her Mom, the Evil Queen yelled at her to come over which drew my attention. I wanted to know what she said. "My little
evil-ette in training." Evie then sat down in the chair in front of her Mom.

If I'm being honest, Evie probably gets the most love out of the five of us. My dad is to obsessed with himself to even realize he has a daughter at least it's how I feel.

"You just find yourself a prince, with a big castle and a mother-in-law wing." Her Mom told her.

"And lots and lots of mirrors!" They said together at the same time. Evie started laughing, "ah! No laughing! Wrinkles!" She exclaimed.

Okay, I know that evie's Mom just seems like
She's about keeping Evie beautiful and wants her to find a guy but that's still a lot more than what a lot of our parents want from us. If it wasn't for the Queen of Hearts, I wouldn't have been raised to know anything probably.

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