Book 2: -Chapter Four

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A/N: Guys, this is the chapter when Descendants 2 starts. I'm warning you that their will be spoilers so do not read if you don't want to know about it. 


Grace's P.O.V

It's been weeks since mine and Ben's little argument over my dad, I've been helping my dad. Ben thinks that we aren't keeping secrets anymore, but there is no way I'm telling him about the stress I feel and the magic I have. I have to let him know that I can handle all the stress that Auradon is giving me. I want him to know that I am tough and I'm not some weak link that breaks as soon as people give her so many tasks to do. I get that everyone has a breaking point but he doesn't need to know where mine stands. 

I flinches as I kept seeing flashes after flashes and reporters yelling questions out to me. All along the lines of 'How does it feel that your dad is here and he tried to destroy Auradon?' or 'How does it feel knowing your dad and Maleficent are here?' but I also get some like: 'Are you going to be queen?' or 'How is the Cotillion plan coming along?'  My head kept turning towards all the random reporters asking me questions and shoving their microphones in my face. 

I gave them all a friendly smile even though it was fake. I heard someone yell out if I'm ever going to be pressured to ruin lives like my dad. I flinched at that question, "Okay, excuse me." Ben said interrupting and coming through the crowd of people to get to me. "We will never let you know if that situation happens because it never will." Ben said referring to the question about me turning into my dad. 

"Did you ever think you would be with a villain kid? Let alone the daughter of the man who almost tore your family apart?" One of the lady news reporters asked. 

Ben stepped somewhat in front of me and faked a laugh, "We're done here." He told the woman. Fairy Godmother came and stepped in front of us. I sighed in relief. Ben stood where he was facing me, he wrapped his arm around my waist and whispered for me to meet his eyes. I met his eyes and sighed. He made my stress go away but we never see each other enough for him to help all of my stress problems. Yes, we live in the same castle now. Even so it is still a lot harder than you think. We both have school and when he gets done he goes straight to his office and when I get done with my classes I go straight to my meetings with Jane. 

"This is still a school, so if you are here then you are either skipping or trespassing." Fairy Godmother told the annoying news reporters. I was very thankful for her right now. They all started yelling and she 'shhh'd' them then ushered them away. 

"Thank you guys." Ben said politely as the annoying group of reporters started walking away and Fairy Godmother thanked them as well. 

"Grace." Fairy Godmother greeted with a smile before she turned around and started walking away. 

"Fairy Godmother." I said back with a fake smiled as she walked away. I let out another sigh in relief as I was left alone with Ben. This hasn't happened in forever and to be honest I kinda missed it. 

"Don't pay any attention to them." Ben told me as he noticed the expression on my face. 

"That's a lot easier said than done."  I told him as I faked a laugh and I tried to fake a smile but I failed miserably. I haven't been happy lately and I sense that Ben is going to start finding out soon. 

"I know..." Ben sighed as he glanced at the group walking away. "Maybe we should do something. We should go somewhere, get away." He suggested. For once in a few months that's the best thing I have heard in forever. 

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