Book 1: -Chapter One

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All songs are gonna be written in third person but I want this to be like first person or whatever so..


Over on the isle of the lost... Maleficent's daughter, Mal, was drawing her mom's signature way that said "Long live evil" on it.

"They say I'm trouble,
They say I'm bad.
They say I'm evil,
And that makes me glad." She sang as she walked away bumping two other people's shoulders as she did.

Then Jafar's son, Jay, jumped off a roof and started climbing down things as he sung.

"A dirty no good,
Down to the bone.
You're worst nightmare,
Can't take me home." He sang as he slid open a red sliding door and almost bumped into a lady while doing so.

The Evil Queen's daughter, Evie, got up on a dinner table and started walking on it.

"So I got some mischief,
In my blood.
Can you blame me?
I never got no love."

Cruella DeVil's son, Carlos, then popped out of a green window out of a brick building.

"They think I'm callous,
A lowlife hood.
I feel so useless
Misunderstood." He sang as he stole an apple, took a bite then threw it back.

Mal, Evie and Gaston's daughter, Grace, met up and started walking together down an alley way to meet up with Jay and Carlos.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest of them all?
Welcome to my wicked world,
Wicked world." All the girls sang and met up with Jay and Carlos.

"I'm rotten to the core
Rotten to the core
I'm rotten to the core
Who could ask for more?
I'm nothing like a kid next
Like the kid next door
I'm rotten to the...
I'm rotten to the...
I'm rotten to the core." All the villain kids sang as they started beating on stuff at the end of that.

"Call me a schemer
Call me a freak
How can you say that?
I'm just... unique." Mal sang as she caused troubled along with the others as she spray painted an 'M' on a shower curtain and opened it revealing a man who was fully clothed taking a bath.

"What, me a traitor?
Ain't for your back.
Are we not friends?
What's up with that?" Jay sang as he stole a teapot from a table that two people were having tea at.

"So I'm a misfit
So I'm a flirt
I broke you heart
I made you hurt." Grace sang as she started acting flirtatious to the guy who was selling material.

"The past is past
Forgive, forget
The truth is
You ain't seen nothing yet." Carlos sang as he kicked over Apple while walking on a table where people were selling things.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest of them all
Welcome to my wicked world
Wicked world." All the girls sang.

They all went outside and started dancing with a bunch of other people on the isle.

"I'm rotten to the core
Rotten to the core
I'm rotten to the core
Who could ask for more?
I'm nothing like the kid next
Like the kid next door
I'm rotten to the...
I'm rotten to the...
I'm rotten to the core." They all finished singing.

As they finish a lady pulling a little boy in a wagon walks by and the little boy has a lollipop. Mal takes it and licks it then hold it up and everyone starts laughing.

Grace's P.O.V

Mal just took a lollipop from a little boy and licked it then held it up. All of us started laughing until Mal's Mom, Maleficent, walks towards us with "knuckleheads" and everyone but us five scatter.

"Hi Mom." Mal says as she turns around with a smile on her face. Mal's mom came out from behind the guys she was behind.

"Stealing Candy Mal, I'm so disappointed." Mal's Mom told her with her high pitched voice that could hurt anyone's ears if thy heard it.

"If it's from a baby." Mal said giving the lollipop to her Mom with a smile.

"Ah! That's my nasty little girl!" She told Mal while taking the lollipop.

Mal's Mom then spit on it and put it under her armpit then gave it to her "guys" and told them to give it back to the "dreadful creature."

"Mom..." Mal sighed upset that her mom gave the kid back its lollipop.

"It's the deets, Mal, that make the difference between mean and truly evil." She told Mal who just looked at her. "When I was your age, I was cursing entire kingdoms." Which Mal had said along with her at the same time. "You." Maleficent faked a laugh. "Walk with me." She said taking Mal a tiny bit away from us. "I'm just trying to teach you the thing that really counts... how to be me."

"I know that. And I'll do better." Mal assured her Mom. But I don't know if her mom believed her or not to be honest.

"Oh! There's news! I buried the lede, you five have been chosen to go to a different school... in Auradon." Maleficent told all five of us.

Evie, Carlos, Jay and I tried to run away but Maleficent's Goons stopped us. Once we finally quit struggling Mal turned to face her Mom.

"What?" Mal asked, "I am not going to a boarding school filled to the brim with prissy pink princesses."

What Mal said was true. There will be plenty of that there. Evie then stood up next to Mal, "and perfect princes," she added. Mal then gave her a look. "Ugh!" She let out a fake disgusted noise.

"Yeah, and I did do uniforms... unless it's leather. You feel me?" Jay asked and turned towards Carlos for a high five but he ignored it walking up behind Mal.

"I read somewhere that they allow dogs in Auradon. Mom said they're rabid packed animals who eat boys who don't behave." Right as he said that Jay snuck up behind him and let out a fake bark as revenge for leaving him hanging on a high-five.

"Yeah, Mom. We aren't going." Mal told her.

I didn't really have a problem with it, I think a change would be nice since I haven't lived anywhere other than here.

"Oh, you're thinking small pumpkin." Maleficent told Mal, "it's all about world domination." She Continued then stopped. "Knuckleheads!" She yelled and turned around and started leaving. "Mal!" She added in a singsong voice. All of us followed her to my parents.


Her outfit: (in case it didn't show up at top)

Her outfit: (in case it didn't show up at top)

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