12. serendipity

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As much as my heart flutters,
I'm just as afraid

She didn't know that she was slowly dying. She also didn't know how it felt to fall in love, but what she did know was that what she was starting to feel for Taehyung was far from hate. In fact, it was something in between infatuation and admiration. And further down the road, she knew that it would bloom into something.. special.

But she was slowly dying

"You look really pale, are you sure you're okay?" Taehyung asks her, immediately placing his hand on her forehead, her mouth slowly falling agape at how beautiful he actually looked close up. Her eyes trail from his long eyelashes that brushed his face naturally, towards his plump lips.

"I'm fine, it's just really cold," she replies, grabbing his hand so that he would look her in the eyes. His worried expression immediately changes into a softer one the moment his eyes meet hers. "Don't worry about me, you should worry about going to your class on time, Kim."

"If you're not feeling well, you have to tell me, alright?" She nods her head, and he pats her head gently. "You should get going, Kim."

"Stop calling me Kim!" He exclaims, and she chuckles to herself as she watches him start to make his way down the hallway. She watches his figure slowly disappear, until her eyes widen at how fast he turns around and runs towards her. She feels herself freeze in her stance when he finally reaches her and places a soft kiss on her cheek. "And you should try to have fun in class without me actually being there with you."

She rolls her eyes playfully before playing with the strands of his hair. She gently places a peck on his cheek in return before sending him off with a reassuring smile. "I'll try, but no promises."

He bites his lip to stop himself from smiling a bit too much and starts to leave her for class. She, on the other hand, still watches his figure get smaller and smaller down the hallway since she still has a few minutes to spare before her class starts.

"You and Taehyung, huh? I swear the last time I saw you both, you two were staring each other and giving each other death wishes." She turns over her shoulder to see Jungkook heading down the hallway with Yeri under his shoulder. She smiles at the two.

"I guess we just haven't been seeing each other enough since the retreat," she mumbles, before gesturing towards Yeri, "seems like you've been occupied by her which probably explains why you've missed a lot."

"Well, seems like I've missed a bit too much to find out that you guys are actually dating." He smirks, and she waves him off.

"We're not dating." She corrects him.


  ➵ ➵➵ 

Fate keeps being envious of us,
I am just afraid as you are.

When people you've associated yourself with or have had a complete attachment with in the past see that you're doing well without them, it is almost as if your guilty conscious starts to eat you up. People could do absolutely everything to go back to what used to be perfect, to what used to be happiness to them. But when they find out that nothing would be the same as it used to be, that's when they start to realize that being jealous, being overprotective and possessive over someone that's not yours is nothing but a human thing to do. We're all human. 

"I'll see you later, yeah? I have to get my updated marks, you'll probably really proud of my improvement." Taehyung says, and Soojung could only snuggle into his chest, almost as if she was begging him to stay with her. "As much as you want me to stay, I have to go, my professor is waiting for me."

"Are you meeting him during his office hours or do you really just not want to stay with me?" She pouts, and he chuckles, kissing her forehead. "I don't get to see you after four in the afternoon, and that's like.. three hours."

"I have to meet him now, I even had to book an appointment." He smiles, "I'll be back though, time goes by really fast."

"Fine," she mumbles, "I'll wait for you, then."

"That sounds better," he grins, "I promise I'll be here the moment you get out of class."

She watches him off as he turns the corner, and before she could get to her next class she hears someone clear their throat. She glances to her left to see Seolhyun making her way towards her.

"You really are pathetic, aren't you?" Seolhyun eyes her up and down, her arms folded. Soojung could only feel vulnerable underneath her judging stare. "Out of all people, you choose Taehyung?"

"Taehyung is not yours," Soojung mumbles. "He was never yours."

"I'm his soulmate." She squints her eyes at her. "No matter what you say, he will always end up with me, his heart is fixed for me. Not you. You're nothing but a glitch."

"He's a glitch too," she argues back, "Taehyung is a glitch because of you. You're the reason for Taehyung's suffering."

"Glitches don't date each other, they don't love each other. Why? Because you'd only express how much of a failure you both are." She scoffs. "On top of that, when two glitches come together, they'll never love each other fully because their hearts belong to someone else."

"And your heart doesn't belong to Jimin?" She raises an eyebrow. Seolhyun gasps, before instantly pushing Soojung to only watch her stumble on her feet and fall to the ground. 

"You are the most pathetic person I have ever met, are you out here to take every single person from my life? First Taehyung, and now Jimin?" She yells.

"I'm not taking Jimin away from you!" She yells back until she feels a pair of hands grab her shoulders. "I am not pathetic, in fact, I'm the only one helping Taehyung from his suffering because of you!"

Soojung notices how Seolhyun had fallen silent. She turns towards the person who was holding her shoulders, only to fall silent as well at the sight of Jimin holding her gently. She looks at him confusedly, but he was just as confused as her.

"Why are you fighting? Seolhyun, did you push Soojung? Why are you both fighting over Taehyung?" Jimin asks, and Soojung glances at Seolhyun.

Seolhyun has a pained expression on her face, but Soojung could only scoff.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" She scoffs again, "does Jimin not know about Taehyung? About anything? And you're the one calling me pathetic?"

"What are you talking about?" Jimin questions with a worried look, and Soojung shakes her head disapprovingly.

"Why don't you ask your soulmate, Seolhyun? Since she's also your soulmate, you should know everything about her. From Taehyung, to the actual harsh truth that explains exactly why you and Taehyung aren't friends anymore." Soojung glares at Seolhyun. 

"She's lying. She's making up lies." Seolhyun chokes out.

"Don't you think Jimin, your soulmate, deserves an explanation? Taehyung and Jimin don't talk anymore, and the only reason I could think of, is you. Jimin should know that your Taehyung's soulmate, but since your soulmate is Jimin, you are the reason why he's a glitch, you are the reason for a broken friendship."

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