21. japanese denim

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You're my four-leaf clover,I'm so in love, so in love

She has never sat at the back of the classroom until this very moment. Her eyes were settled on a figure sitting a few rows in front of her with his head placed on his desk. Suddenly, Jimin takes a seat right next to him and wakes him up from his short slumber. 

"Hey, have you finished the practice problems?" She snaps out of her trance and glances at Jungkook who's barely even looking at her but at his blank notebook.

"Did you even try doing at least one question?" She questions the latter and he could only give her a nervous smile. "Unbelievable. I swear, Yeri's the only person keeping you on your two feet."

"And I swear that Taehyung is the only person who's making you shut everyone out of your life."

She squints her eyes at him. "Touche."

As Jungkook grabs her notebook with all the finished questions and solutions, her gaze is back at Taehyung, who's rubbing at his temples. His eye bags are deep and dark, and it looks like he hasn't eaten a single meal for days. Jimin, however, hands him a snack bar but Taehyung politely rejects it.

Frowning to herself, she shakes her head and goes back to her own work.

  ➵ ➵ ➵

"What about Taehyung?"

"Well... he's not in the best condition right now."

She furrows her eyebrows in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"He hasn't been eating properly. He's been skipping meals. He hasn't been sleeping. He"

"And you think it's because of me?" Namjoon falls silent, before nodding his head hesitantly with his eyes looking everywhere but her. 

"Well, surprise. You found the golden key." She says sarcastically before standing up and walking back and forth across the living room. While rubbing her temples, she glances at him. 

"I need your help." He begins, rubbing his arms as if it was a bad habit he had to tolerate the nervousness that was building up inside of him. She raises an eyebrow. "Can you please look out for Taehyung at school? You're the only person I could go to."

"And you couldn't go to Jimin?" She mutters. "Fine."

"Waitreally? I thought you'd reject"

"Under one condition." She folds her arms with squinted eyes directed towards him.


"I can stop looking out for him when I want to, I'm not going to look out for him for the whole day. I have places to be. We're not on good terms, it'd be weird if he saw me looking out for him."

"Fine. Just, please. Look after him. The last time he looked like that was when" He suddenly chokes on his own words and she looks at him awkwardly. "When he found out he was adopted."


Namjoon simply nods his head in reply, and all she could do was feel the gears start to turn in her head. And then it hit her.

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