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[ if you've already seen or read this author's note on my other stories, you can ignore it !! ]

i am so sorry if you thought that this was an update, i am really, really, really sorry :( but this is yet another author's note from me, just to make another announcement.

i'm pretty sure you guys have seen a ton of author's updates and author's notes from other authors on this platform telling you or making an announcement that they will be slowing down on their updates for their stories because of school.

and i guess that makes me one of them as well for i will be going back to school on september 7th, and yes, i will be attending university, therefore, slow updates will be made for each on-going story i have on this platform.

however!! i will still be updating my stories for the rest of the month of august just so that i can get a lot of work done for them, without having to stress about getting another chapter out that isn't really written perfectly to my desires. so yes, i will still be updating up until september 7th and after that.. they'll be pretty slow :(

another thing!! aside from the slow updates as of september 7th, i will be making sort of a schedule that pertains to when i will actually update. i have made the decision that even though the updates will be slow - and maybe short because of the lack of free time i'll be having because of school - i have decided that i will try - key word: TRY - to update twice a week. i just have to finalize what days i will be updating my stories during the week. i was thinking mondays and fridays so that i can start your week off well, and end it off well. we'll see how that goes~ but for now, i'll let you guys know.

one last thing!! i know you guys are probably pretty annoyed at the fact that i am so so so slow with updating my stories but i have a shit ton of stories on this platform that are still on going. i am trying my ultimate best to update every single one, and yes, i do see your comments about updating and i am trying my best to fulfill your wishes and i hope i am coming through with them. but, okay, so i couldn't resist making another story because i really wanted to read a gucci!au with model!taehyung fic on wattpad or maybe link you guys up to another fic site with this type of au for taehyung.. but i really haven't found an actual story with this au. there are one shots and scenarios with this au, but i felt the urge to write an actual chaptered story with this au.

and so i did it. i had to do it. someone had to do it. and if it had to be me, i would. and so i did.

and so here it is.

it is called the gucci dude because i couldn't figure out a better title and i just figured that this should be pretty self-explanatory. it's a gucci!au with model!taehyung story so you are definitely expected to imagine kim taehyung as a gucci model because if gucci doesn't hire him anytime sooner, i'll might as well write a story about it.

the chapters for this story are planned to be extremely short, and when i mean short, i mean 500-1000 words. it's pretty angsty, mysterious, and fluffy, so if you're into that stuff, go check it out if you haven't already!

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the gucci dude

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this story introduces park jiyeon, a famous photographer, who is paired up to work with a familiar man that works as a gucci model, kim taehyung. their history and past together remains a mystery, that you are bound to find out through both of their perspectives.

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so yeah, if you're interested, go check it out~ and for now, i will be updating every single on-going story i have on here before i go back to school. i love you guys so much, i wish i could hug every single one of you and be friends with you all but i'm really shy~

i love you! if you are attending school already, i wish you guys have more motivation to study hard and achieve everything that you desire.

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