09. take me

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Would you ever take me?
Because my heart is all I carry.

"She's all I ever wanted."


I snap out of my thoughts, glancing to my side to see Soojung looking at me with a funny face. She chuckles, shaking her head before reaching out to ruffle my hair. I fight the urge to grab her hands, but she quickly retreats them to focus on the lesson.

"Do you know that guy's name? I had no idea he was in our class until I bumped into him a few days ago."

I watch her as she points to none other than Park Jimin, who was busy taking down notes in his notebook. His blonde hair was parted, and with the light shining down on his figure, it looked like a grey blonde that framed his face beautifully. Turning back towards Soojung, I take notice of how she was slowly falling into a trance.

"Why? Do you have a crush on Park Jimin?"

Please say no. Please say no.

"Oh, I was just wondering. He's pretty cute, don't you think?"

"Do you think he's your soulmate or something?"

She glances at me, snapping out of her trance. She purses her lips into a line, almost as if she was giving me a knowing look. I stare right back at her, searching for an answer through her brown orbs, but I couldn't find anything. She shrugs her shoulders, mumbling a quiet reply.

"Maybe. I threw up in the washroom a couple hours after I bumped into him. I asked Jungkook if he went on the camping retreat, and he said that he was on our team. Could he possibly be the one?"

I sigh, and she frowns before turning her body towards the board, continuing to write down whatever she hasn't gotten down in her notebook yet. My eyes are still on her, and I notice how her aura completely took a downfall the moment her soulmate was brought up. She was slumped in her chair, and she messily took down her notes. I feel myself frown at how disappointed she looked, before continuing to write my notes as well.

Park Soojung,
you have no idea.

➵ ➵➵


I would.
Because you're all I think about.

I feel my eyes flutter open at the sound of tapping on the table, and I groan, pulling my hood over my head. Right before I fall asleep once again, the tapping occurs again.

"Yah, Taehyung-ah, I know we're in the same class, but if you could please just text me in advance if you need help studying for mid-terms, that would be very much appreciated."


I shoot up from my slumber at the sound of an unfamiliar voice, my eyes slightly widening the moment they meet a familiar set of crescents that were beaming right at me. I clear my throat, quickly fixing my hair right in front of him out of instinct. He lets out a soft chuckle, and I sheepishly start at him with an embarrassed look.

"You're definitely not Taehyung. Why do we keep meeting each other like this?"

"I stepped into the library to get some studying down until I saw you sleeping here and figured I needed some company, if you don't mind, that is."

I immediately move my things aside as a sign to tell him that I wouldn't mind his company at all, and he reads my signs almost instantly before he takes a seat right across the table. He pulls out his things from his backpack and I watch him as he places them onto the table, one by one. I notice how he has a sharp jawline, his eyes that were completely unique that I've never seen in my whole entire life, and his plump lips that formed into a natural pout. What did I do to deserve a cute guy to study with me? Right now? In my most unattractive state?

"Are you friends with Taehyung?"

I snap out of my trance, nodding my head as I take my water bottle to take a swig. He smiles, before opening his textbook that revealed all his sticky notes that had such informative notes.

He's a nerd. An attractive nerd. Did I really deserve this? A smart guy who's not only smart but cute? Sitting right in front of me? Why did I decide to wear an over-sized hoodie? Why did I decide to skip taking a shower today and put my hair up in a messy bun? It's not even a messy bun anymore.. ah.. this is embarrassing.

"He's one of my best buddies, I remember meeting him in fifth grade and ever since, we basically grew up with each other. But sometimes, I feel bad for him, you know?"

"Because he's a glitch?"

He nods his head, before letting out a soft giggle. I tilt my head to the side until he realizes that I'm still looking at him. I jump, almost startled at how he's so quick and observant whenever someone stares at him.

"I think he takes it more harshly in comparison to me, because he's a hopeless romantic. Sometimes, I'm not sure if we're even best friends anymore, because the moment we entered into sophomore year, he started ignoring me to the point that we don't talk anymore. I wish I knew why he just.. left me."

"A-Are you serious? So, you guys cut off ties?"

He nods his head. He places his pencil in the middle of his textbook, leaning back in his chair as he eyes me with curiosity. I feel myself get uncomfortable underneath his gaze, beginning to look away from him as he sighs.

"Do you know who your soulmate is, perhaps?"

"My soulmate is Seolhyun."

➵ ➵➵

a/n: jdkfkdhf i really want you guys to
like jimin in this story, please don't hate
him, he's pretty innocent! trust me! he just
has a backstory..

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